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Commercial Cleaning: The Top 3 Reasons for Hiring Cleaners

Customer preferences for store cleanliness have changed dramatically within the last year. Reports show that 62% of consumers prefer counters to be cleaned and disinfected after every customer interaction.

There’s nothing wrong with stricter cleaning standards. Higher standards protect both customers and employees. However, the burden is on business owners to invest more into commercial cleaning.

Business owners have different variables to consider than homeowners. These challenges alone are reason enough to hire a commercial cleaning company, but there’s more.

Here are three more reasons to start hiring cleaners for your business.

1. Optimize Employee Wellness

Is employee absenteeism cutting into your profits?

Health and wellness issues are the top causes behind sick days and call-outs. These problems also include stress.

Toxic stress affects employees in mental and physical ways. It increases headaches, muscle soreness, fatigue, and the risk of illness. Stress is also a leading cause of work depression.

A stressed workforce isn’t necessarily a productive workforce either. Stress increases the risk of human errors, heightening the risk of cybersecurity errors.

Cleaning isn’t just about making your commercial space look nice. It’s also about keeping a clean, fresh, and mentally healthy work environment.

Clean, minimalist workspaces help employees clear their minds and focus. Aromatic scents like lemon and lavender also produce calming effects, which improve mood, productivity, and collaboration.

2. Hiring Cleaners Can Help Your Branding

Commercial cleaning doesn’t have to be a cost burden. More businesses are incorporating it into their branding.

For example, you may have noticed more commercials highlighting a company’s commitment to cleanliness. These commercials are more than just a statement. This commitment is necessary for building consumer trust in a post-COVID world.

Trust is a cornerstone of great branding. It’s fundamental to retention, referrals, and new customer acquisitions.

Incorporate cleaning into your web copy and ad campaigns. Show employees wearing masks and prioritizing utmost cleaning standards. You could also devote a separate web page to cleanliness protocols.

Training staff on new cleaning processes is a must. However, a commercial cleaning company provides even more peace of mind.

For example, janitorial services by Atlas Janitorial Agency use professional-grade products to kill more surface germs. Customers also enjoy the peace of mind of a professional cleaning service.

3. Fresh and Clean Customer Service

Customer service goes beyond friendliness, listening, and excellent communication. A clean store or lobby is a hallmark of stellar customer service.

Step into the shoes of potential customers:

Your commercial space is the first thing they notice. Do you feel confident shopping in a messy, disorganized store? Worse yet, do you want to touch something that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in years?

Cleaning is one of the simplest ways you can improve customer service. Ask your store managers to create an employee cleaning schedule. A professional cleaner can fill in the gaps, providing extra germ control.

Turn Over a New Leaf

Don’t wait until spring to start cleaning. Prioritize cleanliness as quickly as possible. Your customers (and bottom line) will thank you for it!

Think about hiring cleaners who understand the needs of business owners. Follow the blog for even more tips to get through the year.

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