Connect all your devices seamlessly with these top adaptor cables- Technology News, FP

Connect all your devices seamlessly with these top adaptor cables- Technology News, FP


Made for the audiophile

This adapter cable allows you to connect a smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player to a speaker, stereo receiver, or another RCA-enabled device. We experienced a clear seamlessly transmitted, high-quality stereo sound with minimal signal loss when testing this cable. The soft PVC shielding offers added strength and flexibility, allowing you to easily connect devices even in tight spaces. The cable connectors have a beveled step-down design that creates a plugged-in, secure connection, even for smartphones or other devices that are held inside a bulky protective case. Pair this adapter cable with your entertainment devices to treat your ears to something special.

Seamless audio transmission

This 3.5mm to RCA audio cable is great for connecting portable audio devices, like a Smartphone, iPod, or tablet to a stereo receiver, speaker, or another RCA-enabled device. It’s decked with 24k gold plated connectors which protect the cables from corrosion while ensuring an optimum connection for the best possible audio output. The white soft and flexible PVC jacket the cable comes in adds a touch of class to the devices it connects to. Shipping with a limited lifetime warranty to keep you worry-free, this is a cable adapter we wholeheartedly recommend.

Purity in audio

This adapter cable ships with a 3.5mm stereo male gold plated connector to 2 RCA AUX cable male gold plated connectors. This robust stereo cable is engineered with a soft PVC jacket, polished metal connectors, and strain-relief rings that are color-coded with the common red and white RCA plug colors. The strain relief rings prevent the fraying of these cables making angled connections in those hard to reach spaces attainable. At 1.5 meters this cable offers just the right length to avoid entanglements, great for DJs or those swinging out-door parties.

Performance with unbeatable quality

This adapter cable works in both directions, from RCA out to 3.5mm in or from 3.5mm in, to RCA out albeit you cannot choose the same input for use simultaneously. It must be one side in, the other side out, however, the bi-directional option it offers is noteworthy. The non-tech-savvy need not despair, the company offers lifetime technical support to put your mind at ease. The cable company is not just a well-known brand in the U.S. but also manufactures in-house, the pride they take in their creative process shines through in this cable adapter and a must-buy for any audiophile.


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