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Content Marketing For These 5 Niches: What You Need to Know

Digital marketing plays a daily role in business around the world. Most consumers do not understand how search engine rankings are determined. Google does not share their exact algorithm due to the fact marketing professionals would try to game the system. Content marketing generates backlinks which are still a huge factor in rankings. A company that has an incredible content marketing strategy can spend far less than larger competitors yet yield superior results. 

Content marketing has changed over the years as quality content is easy to spot. Clickbait articles with flashy titles that rarely delivered in the content were popular for years. Consumers became wise to these types of articles and began avoiding them. Most people do not want to scroll through 50 results page by page for the best restaurants in their area. Content marketing differs by industry as some have a much more casual tone while others need to have exact language in content for legal reasons. The following are tips for these 5 niches to help a content marketing campaign have a massive ROI. 

Law Firms 

Law firms need to inform potential clients with their content as not many people are familiar with certain areas of law. The website needs to be flawless with some of the best law firm websites being seen here in various niches of law. A bankruptcy attorney is going to write content about the process of Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy. A personal injury attorney will likely write about the importance of consulting an attorney after an accident. An extensive outreach campaign will be important as law is extremely competitive as some law firms have huge budgets for content marketing/link building. Highlighting big wins in cases for clients in some sort of a newsletter or press release campaign is essential. Clients will research a firm before enlisting their services so making sure the search results show the best side of a firm is imperative. 

Marketing Agencies 

Content marketing agencies and digital marketing agencies in general have a few important jobs when it comes to content marketing. The first job is to show the trends in the digital marketing world as they are constantly shifting. Marketing online is foreign to a number of business owners so educating them is important. Being able to send a client a link to an article to help answer their questions in-depth. Podcasting should also be a regular part of a marketing agency’s content marketing strategy. This is especially important for agencies that take quite a bit of contract work from other agencies. The right connections in the digital marketing niche can mean huge deals being landed so showcasing connections via podcast guests is just another benefit of this form of content. 

Dental Practices 

The dentist has quite a reputation among families with some people being terrified of the dentist. People that take care of their dental health have very little to worry about during their biannual cleanings. Quelling these fears in the blog content on the website is important. Sending out a new patient email that has a few links to content about lowering dental anxiety can work wonders. New patients also could be hesitant as they might have only had one dentist for their entire life. Link building has to be done with outreach and content that presents information in an interesting way. Writing the same old generic dental advice of brushing twice per day isn’t going to entice a top-tier website to publish the piece of content. Local publications are important as dentists serve a certain area of the community. Publishing content on websites for people a few counties away likely will not generate business as people don’t want to drive an hour to the dentist. 

Financial Services

There are people that would rather have a professional manage their money. This could include their investing and how much they contribute to their 401k. Trying to use too much technical language when promoting personal finance advice is not what consumers want. People want their financial questions answered in a simple manner which a true financial advisor should have trouble doing. Wealth management should focus on a lack of worry for a client as the financial professionals handle everything. With all of the technology available today, that human aspect of financial services can make a difference to customers. Stressing this in content is important as something like a Robinhood App trader losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a trade they didn’t understand does happen. A broker would be able to let a trader know that they are making a mistake. 


Most of the content that restaurants put out is going to be via their social media accounts. People that are followers likely follow for announcements or specials that are running. Engaging with followers and doing giveaways on the social media pages for shares can help expand the reach of the restaurant. Even something as simple as giving away a free side can work wonders. Being involved in the local community is also important as this can be a great PR opportunity and people want to shop local for the most part. 

Content marketing differs due to the goals and industry that a company is in. Take the time to assess your current content marketing strategy to see if it can be improved immediately with a tweak or two. 

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