You are currently viewing Cool DJ control sets to help you get those awesome tracks- Technology News, FP

Cool DJ control sets to help you get those awesome tracks- Technology News, FP

Starter kit

The MX DJ Platers and Controller is a must-have for all those who are starting out. It has an inbuilt soundcard, reverse brake effects, real-time scratch play & MP3 track listings which is quite important. It also features a seamless loop, reloop, EQ for each channel, jog wheel pitch blend & cue mix with PGM control. Apart from that it also has 2 large VFD displays so that you rely less on that laptop to your side. The best part is it features USB external input switch for all those add-ons.

Warm-Up Kit

KORG is no stranger when it comes to DJ Sets and this KORG KAOSS DJ Controller offering packs a punch. It is a completely USB based DJ Controller with Kaoss FX. It is extremely small and lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere in your backpack. It comes with Serato DJ Intro software. The built-in audio interface helps in plug & play on PC. It weighs only 730 grams and is about 36.2 cm wide. Quite handy.

Step-Up kit

The Hercules DJControl Impulse 300 is an advanced DJ Kit that will help you step up and rise to a more seamless DJing experience. It has a tempo and beat align light guides. It has an Intelligent Music Assistant to help you prepare mixes daily on the go as it has 16 pads. The control layout matches that of professional DJ sets used in movies and production houses so it definitely helps you. It comes with DJUCED DJ software loaded with interactive help and integrated tutorials.

Big league kit

The Native Instruments 25421 Traktor Kontrol gets you in the leagues. Beautifully crafted and immaculately designed with the all-metal build, this for sure looks the part. It has jog mode, beat grid adjust mode, 2-channel mixer along with 16 RGB Pads for triggering Hot Cues. It features a club-standard layout with an identical deck design. It also features loops with 3-band EQ that is modeled after industry-standard EQ Mixers. All in all this one is for sure to help you step-up your DJ game.

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