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Creative Ways To Speed up Your Checkout Line


Customer experience is an integral part of every business, but even more so in brick-and-mortar enterprises. When you’re face-to-face with people, they notice everything, from your body posture to the tone of your voice—all of which communicate your desire to assist and support them. This is especially apparent in the checkout line. Notorious for their tendency to grow quickly, checkout lines are one place you can make a meaningful difference in customer interactions. Here are a few creative ways to speed up your checkout line.

Train Staff Thoroughly

The first thing you’ll want to do is train your staff thoroughly. They must know how to execute tasks on the register quickly, especially those they’ll use every day. It would help if you also let them know how to navigate more unusual circumstances so they can address multiple payment types or gift card recycling as it happens. A POS system can speed up checkout times because they offer intuitive workflows and training programs for employees. When you give your team all the tools they need and instill a sense of urgency in them, your customers will have a faster and more straightforward shopping experience.

Navigate Logistical Issues

Logistics are a massive concern with checkout lines. When someone finishes shopping, they enter your line and wait to pay for their items. Make sure you have several cash registers ready to receive them. The last thing you want is a long line with only one register open. With several cash registers at the ready, you can easily add team members to the front and check people out faster.

Address the Customer

You could have the fastest team in the world, but your staff cannot help when a slow or unaware person stops up the line. To avoid these chatty customers, address them directly. Mark the beginning of the line and provide a narrow path toward the registers. Directional signage can help you clarify the exact area of entry. You should also encourage customers to have their items ready for scanning and payment prepared for checkout. If you have more than one register, you must have a system for alerting customers which space is open. This way, they can quickly make their way over and pay for their merchandise.

Utilize these creative ways to speed up your checkout line and help your customers avoid annoying wait times. Customers want to feel seen and attended to, so make the extra effort to keep them coming back.

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