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Customised gifting platform Zoomin lays out growth blueprints and sets ambitious targets

Mumbai-based personalised gifting platform Zoomin has been making a mark in the customised gifting landscape in India. With a varied range of products and interesting options, Zoomin has been widening its customer base and scaling business at a rapid pace.

Commenting on the pandemic’s effect on the business, Sachin Katira, CEO and Director, Zoomin says that a certain trend was noticed during early June of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic made people realise that it was important for consumers to preserve memories in the physical format but many found it very difficult to do so as no company was producing or shipping orders on time owing to the pandemic. “What we did differently was we kept our business on. We continued accepting orders,” he says.

Sachin Katira, CEO and Director, Zoomin

He adds that Zoomin also has several loyal customers who wanted to preserve their memories and they were willing to wait for 1.5 to two months to get their products and that gave a boost to the company’s morale as they thought that they had a “fantastic and loyal consumer base”. A sharp uptick in terms of demand was noticed post that.

While speaking about categories of products on the platform, Sachin mentions that the largest selling product on their platform is the Photo Book, which is like a traditional photo album that people used to have for weddings, converted into a book of memories wherein the customer can store their regular memories. The startup says another product – Framed Prints – has been doing really well.

“There are a whole bunch of beautiful designs available on Zoomin and people are actually printing for the thoughtful decor,” he says.

He shares that Zoomin has been growing at a rate of 30 to 40 percent on a year or year basis since the last two years owing to increasing demand. Apart from that, Zoomin is planning to introduce an entire range of new products that are meaningful for gifting and self-consumption.

“We are also working on making it really easy for our consumers to create these products on Zoomin,” says Sachin. Additionally, Zoomin has revamped their logo and is also investing in the new UI/UX that has gone live on Android.

Speaking about the funding scenario, Sachin mentions that Zoomin is currently profitable and every order that they do at Zoomin is profitable. “The business is self-funded to speak right now but we are exploring strategic opportunities which we believe can add value to each other and help us grow really fast,” he says. The company is still experimenting around a few metrics and once they’re ready, they will go ahead with raising some institutional funding.

Lastly, Sachin concludes by saying that in terms of short term targets, Zoomin is investing in product and technology, and is looking at growing at about 50 percent year-on-year, but profitably.

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