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Decode the power of the Cloud and build for the future

What’s the easiest way for a business to optimize costs, enhance agility, and boost innovation?

While massive restructuring is the natural answer, migrating to a cloud platform will remain a crucial component of such an initiative. Promising digital disruption, cloud adoption has been rising unabated, spurred on by the race to stay agile. However, if you are still on the fence about cloud migration, then the AWS Summit Online India will be your turning point.

The virtual event will be conducted on May 18 and May 19, 2021 with the aim to introduce executives and IT professionals to the unparalleled potential of the vast suite of AWS services along with the latest developments in cloud computing.

The summit will include several insightful sessions for young and seasoned professionals about the various ways in which they can leverage AWS offerings to optimize the performance of their applications and infrastructure. From inspiring keynotes and success stories of how AWS clients scaled ahead to insightful technical demos by subject matter experts, there’s a lot to choose from for those attending the summit.

What’s in store for you?

Apart from two keynote sessions that will deep-dive into why cloud computing is the key to charging ahead digitally, some event highlights that one can look forward to are:

90+ educational sessions: Get a closer look at how the AWS toolkit supports over 15 technology fronts including artificial intelligence/machine learning, data analytics, security, application modernization, IoT, and DevOps with the help of AWS experts, successful multi-industry customer stories, and technical demos.

AWS Builder’s Zone & technical demos: Participants can avail a chance to learn more about architecture and code and then deploy similar solutions for their organizations.

AWS Training and Certification Hub: Not confident about your AWS skills? Practice and build on your capabilities in hands-on labs, while learning about the process to become a certified AWS developer.

Q&A sessions with experts: Got a question about AWS products and services? Get them answered by AWS experts during live chats.

AWS DeepRacer League: During the online summit, participants will get to watch the world’s first autonomous racing league that is powered by reinforcement learning. Apart from the bragging rights, winners will bag prizes and racers will get a chance to connect with other machine learning enthusiasts. The racers will also get to attend the DeepRacer online workshop and chat with AWS machine learning experts.

Startup Central: If you are a startup owner who is mulling over leveraging AWS, then this event feature is for you. Participants can look forward to learning about the AWS Activate program, which seeks to educate startups about how they can get started with AWS. They will also hear stimulating stories by other startup leaders and interact with AWS’ experts.

Partner Solutions: Join AWS partners to find out how you can make your business more agile and innovate faster. You can also scout for a partner for your organization by joining the AWS Partner Network program.

Building for a cloud-ready future

What’s more? The sessions are designed keeping in mind the different levels of understanding of professionals, right from Level 100 to 400. The first day of the event is ideal for those who have been recently introduced to cloud or even experienced users. The sessions will aim to infuse knowledge about how cloud computing can boost organizational efficiency, optimize costs, galvanize innovation, and help build long-term strategies for business resilience.

The second day of the AWS Online Summit India will enable professionals with a deep understanding of AWS technologies to decode various topics like data & analytics, AI/ML, Digital India, modern digital workplace, IoT, and more. They will also get to hear about use cases and the best practices for building architecture and code.

Those who complete at least five live watching sessions will be eligible for a certificate of attendance, which will be sent to them via mail once the digital summit ends.

Whether you are just getting to know about cloud computing or are a professional who’s well-versed with its capabilities, there’s something new to learn and master for everyone at the AWS Summit Online India. Don’t miss this chance! Sign up now.

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