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Discover the Best Word Counting Tool for Your Needs

There is always room to improve when it comes to your writing. While some may have more natural talent at it than others, it is an art that anyone and everyone can improve upon and even master!

The key to great writing involves many different components. You will obviously want to grow your language and learn new vocabulary words. You will want to establish your own unique tone and voice. You will want to master the art of telling a story. And you will want to learn how to say what you mean in a concise, passionate and effective way.

Not only is important to select the right words, but it is equally important to not use too many words. Especially in this day in age where your readers have the shortest attention span to ever exist amongst humanity, you will really only have a short amount of time to really draw them in and get their attention.

So how are you supposed to master these skills, especially the last one? Well, the secret to writing success is really just practice. Practice makes perfect when it comes to developing a skill set in anything. The same process applies when it comes to writing as well.

If you are wanting to learn how to write efficiently, then you should start using the best word counting tool out there, which is known as The Word Counter.

Regardless of if you are still writing high school essay assignments or are already starting a career as a professional writer, you are going to benefit in so many different ways. Here are the two main reasons why you want to count your words.

Write For Your Future

Even if you are still just starting out on your writing journey, you should approach your writing like the professional you want to be one day. If you enjoy writing, why wouldn’t you want to turn that into a full-time job and get a paycheck for your actual passion?

This is why now is the perfect time to start counting your words. All professional writers count their words – mainly because most of their clients will be paying them per word. So you want to make sure that you are writing in a way that allows you to finish the project while meeting the word count requirements.

In most professional writing settings, you will have a set word count so that your work can be published in the space it has been allotted for. When it comes to writing that will be printed, this is a hard stop word count because there is really not going to magically be any extra space on the page. Your words have to work with the design.

Or, you could be a budding poet who wants to master the art of writing a haiku. Most poetry styles have a very strict word count too. So having a word counting tool to show you how many words you have left is super important when trying to find the perfect words for the limited words you have!

Also, measuring your word count like a professional is just going to help you get taken more seriously. If counting words become part of your daily writing, then it will be second nature when you make it to the big leagues and allow you to really impress the editors!

Write For Motivation

The best writers are very self-driven and have given themselves daily goals so they are always honing in on their craft. The greats like Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, and J.K. Rowling all give themselves daily writing challenges that require a minimum set of words.

These word counts are something that forces them to take their writing to a whole new level and also grow their vocabulary too. There really is a science behind this all though. Practice makes perfect. And having a daily task like writing a certain amount of words really drives home the need and pressure to practice.

If you do not try, you will never get better. So start with something like a 500-word daily challenge and progress it to eventually be 5,000 words. Then maybe one day you will be writing 50,000-word novels in your sleep!

The Benefits of The Word Counter

There are so many great benefits to counting your words with The Word Counter. First and foremost, it is free and accessible for literally anyone to use. This means that no matter where in the world you are or what your financial situation currently is, you can access and benefit this tool.

Second, the online tool allows you to set your word count goals upfront and tracks them for you. But it does more than that – it also compares word counts in sentences and paragraphs. This allows you to form a super consistent style of writing and edit as you go!

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