You are currently viewing DWEN invites entrepreneurs to join its global network for mentorship, connections, and tech help

DWEN invites entrepreneurs to join its global network for mentorship, connections, and tech help

In India, women founded and co-founded startups account for only around 6 percent of total investments infused into the Indian startup ecosystem, according to YourStory data. Of the $66.76 billion raised between 2018 and 2021, startups with women as co-founders accounted for just around 6 percent, while solo women founders accounted for a measly 0.78 percent of that pie.

Do women want to be entrepreneurs? Absolutely!

In fact, a recent Facebook study revealed that four out of five women in India want to start their own businesses. Unfortunately as evidenced, the conversion rate is not high. Rampant gender bias, lack of investor confidence, and a lack of role models are often cited as the main obstacles to women becoming and growing as entrepreneurs.

So, how can we make it easier for women to start and scale businesses? How can we close the gender gap in entrepreneurship? How can women who leverage technology to build businesses thrive? The answer lies in a holistic approach that collectively addresses these challenges.

DWEN: a true of-women, by-women, for-women platform

For more than a decade, the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) has brought women entrepreneurs together from around the world to help them connect with each other, scale their businesses, and ultimately succeed.

The DWEN community welcomes all levels of entrepreneurs, from startups to scale-ups. Joining DWEN gives members access to women entrepreneurs from around the world and valuable resources to grow their businesses – including the latest technology, access to funding resources, and best practices from a global network of members.

Valuable connections and resources to grow your business

A true of the women, by the women, for the women platform that promotes sisterhood through business, DWEN offers access to experts, champions, tools, and experiences created to support members as they navigate their journeys together.

Members get access to a growing global community of women entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors both in-person and online, while also leveraging opportunities to be spotlighted on a global platform.

Powered by Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is committed to accelerating the increasingly powerful role that women play in driving global economic growth. Since 2012, Dell has spent over $3 billion annually with women and minority-owned suppliers and small businesses. Through DWEN, Dell Technologies empowers female founders and aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and vision through the power of technology, expansion of their personal networks and access to capital – impacting more than 75,000 women in business globally.

Join the network that helps you advance your business

At DWEN, you can find inspiration in the tales of other courageous women. You can explore the merit of your ideas through the learnings shared by successful entrepreneurs. And you can understand the finer business points and processes in the simplest of ways from peers. DWEN is a place that provides business 101 while boosting sisterhood through the channel of entrepreneurship. What’s more, you will relate to our community members as their journey began with an idea, just like you.

DWEN invites members from the entrepreneurship ecosystem from any of the following member types:

Woman founders and business owners

Women (including those who identify as women, or non-binary) business owners, co-owners, founders, or co-founders who wish to use the DWEN community to advance their business, product, or service.

Aspiring entrepreneurs

Women who are in the process of building or pursuing their own business, product, or service, or exploring the world of entrepreneurship.

DWEN Champions

Investors, partners, or Dell Technologies team members who currently support or desire to support women* entrepreneurs through the DWEN Community. This membership type is inclusive of both women and men.

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