You are currently viewing Enjoy a seamless payment experience as Paytm’s ‘Automatic Add Money’ feature eases out digital transactions

Enjoy a seamless payment experience as Paytm’s ‘Automatic Add Money’ feature eases out digital transactions

Picture this, you’re running late to catch a movie and just as you reach your destination and open Paytm to pay the taxi driver, it shows you a low balance in your wallet. Not only will this mean some extra few minutes of adding money to your wallet before you’re able to make the payment successfully, but in all likelihood you’re bound to miss the first few minutes of your movie.

The ‘Automatic Add Money’ feature on Paytm ensures that your wallet is never out of cash. Add ease to your digital transactions with ‘Automatic Add money’ which ensures that you never go low on balance. It enables the user to set a particular amount as the minimum balance for the wallet. As soon as there’s a dip in the minimum balance, the wallet will automatically get recharged to the amount pre-decided by the user. This will essentially top-up the user’s balance whenever it starts running low.

Never letting you down on an urgent payment, the ‘automatic add money’ feature on Paytm makes sure that your payments are never delayed. .

How to use ‘Automatic add money’?

A few simple steps can save you those extra minutes and the stress of being low on balance at crucial times. Here’s a ready reckoner of what you need to do to set up this ‘auto add money’ feature and enjoy a seamless payment experience.

  • Open Paytm app on your smartphone and go to your profile
  • Select Payment settings
  • Select Automatic Payment and subscriptions
  • Select ‘Add money’ option
  • Enter the threshold amount
  • Tap to proceed and select an option to make the payment via UPI or Paytm payments bank

As soon as your wallet hits the threshold amount, an automatic debit will be made through your preferred choice of UPI or Paytm payments bank account to recharge your wallet and maintain your desired wallet balance.

Enjoy a range of benefits

Paytm gives users the option to link other bank accounts for ‘automatic add money’ top-ups. The app can recognise other accounts linked to the same phone number and instant top-ups can be done via UPI. Paytm offers a host of banks to choose from, making it extremely easy and less time consuming. All you have to do is set up your PIN number and you are good to go.

Another major benefit of the feature is that it is free of cost. The user does not need to pay any fee to Paytm for activating this feature of recharging their existing wallet.

The feature also has the highest success rate if compared to other payment wallets.

A trusted payment partner

Paytm follows all the guidelines laid down by the regulators, and the ‘automatic add money’ feature is an extremely safe and secure method of adding money to your wallet. Link your bank account without the fear of getting duped, and top-up your Paytm wallet for easy seamless transactions.

In this fast moving world of digital payments, Paytm has always managed to stay ahead of the curve as a digital payment platform due to its unique and beneficial features. ‘Automatic add money’ is yet another user-friendly feature that makes payments a seamless experience for the user by eliminating the hassle of adding money to your wallet every time you exceed the available wallet balance.

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