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Environmentally Friendly Switches Your Business Can Make

The topic of global warming is never far from news outlets, social media pages, or even conversations. It is a major and complex issue that is gaining more and more traction, as more attention is drawn to it. Whether a private individual, a business, or a governmental organization there is a notable shift in mindset and consequently the practices adopted. If you are seeking to make some subtle changes within your business to give it a more environmentally friendly edge then here are some ways in which it can be achieved.

Conserve Water

Saving water will not only help the environment but will also help save your business money. Ensure all faucets are in working order without any leaks, this could save you gallons of wasted water. Install a smart device to monitor and keep track of the water consumption, this may in turn identify ways in which water uses can be cut down. Don’t forget to check your utility provider and whether there are better rates available if you were to switch. Finally, if you are a larger business that relies on vast volumes of water then you may benefit, financially as well as environmentally, from investing in a water borehole. Although a large proportion of a water companies water is recycled wastewater it takes a lot of energy consumption to recycle that wastewater to ensure it meets the relevant safety standards. By water bore drilling you can access a natural resource that does not require these high-tech methods of recycling and thus cuts out this additional energy usage.

Encourage Cycling or Carpooling

Encourage staff to ditch the car and take up cycling to work. This has the added benefit of staff being able to get much-needed fresh air and exercise before work. You can facilitate this by making it easier for employees to store their bikes at work or perhaps offering incentives such as vouchers for a new bike. If cycling isn’t possible then encourage employees to carpool. Again, you can facilitate this by allowing for flexible start and finishing times.


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Invest in an Alternative Energy Source

Consider whether there are alternative energy sources available to your business, such as solar panels. Solar panels are a brilliant way of generating energy that has much less of an impact on the environment. They will also save your business money on utility bills.


The concept of recycling certainly isn’t a new one. Homeowners have been recycling for many years and more and more offices are doing the same. Ensure everything that can be recycled is being recycled, from paper to kitchen waste. Provide separate bins for employees, a recycling bin, and a general waste bin to ensure best practice.

Plant Trees

Plants, flowers, and shrubs are vital for the ecosystems and help to filter the pollution from the air. If it is possible to plant some greenery for your business, this will also make it visually more appealing. Where this is not possible consider donating to causes that focus on re-planting trees and caring for ecosystems worldwide.

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