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Eric Vanderburg of TCDI on The Changing Cybersecurity Landscape –

Eric Vanderburg

Eric Vanderburg

For more than a decade our team at TopRank Marketing has fostered a potent community of leading influencers, developing close relationships with subject matter experts in a wide variety of industries.

When it comes to B2B influencer marketing, it’s only natural to wonder just what an industry influencer actually looks like?

In our third season of Break Free B2B Marketing video interviews, we’re continuing in-depth conversations with a powerful selection of top B2B influencers, and taking a close look at the issues that each expert is influential about in their industry.

Every successful B2B influencer has a rare mix of the 5 Ps — proficiency, personality, publishing, promotion, and popularity — as our CEO Lee Odden has outlined in “5 Key Traits of the Best B2B Influencers.”

Combining every one of these qualities and plenty more is Eric Vanderburg, vice president of cyber security at TCDI, who we’re thrilled to be profiling today.

Cybersecurity has always been a priority for smart B2B marketers and business owners, but it’s never been more of a concern than it is right now. In fact, a recent CSO survey has found that over 60% of small and medium business owners are more concerned now about security risks for their remote employees than they were at the beginning of the pandemic.

That fear isn’t without good cause. Phishing attacks are up. People are spending more time online than ever before — not just working, but shopping, chatting, browsing, and beyond. Potential pathways to risk are everywhere and that begs the question: how do you keep your employees and data safe?

Luckily, while there are a lot of risks out there, there are also industry experts leading the charge when it comes to avoiding them. Experts like Eric Vanderburg. Eric has made a name for himself helping equip businesses with the right tools and knowledge to keep their cybersecurity practices effective and up-to-date. That’s the reason why our Joshua Nite interviewed him for today’s new episode six of the Break Free B2B Marketing Interview series.

Break Free B2B Interview with Eric Vanderburg

If you’re interested in checking out a particular portion of the discussion, you can find a quick general outline below, as well as a few excerpts that stood out to us.>3:01 – Cybersecurity progress separate from the pandemic4:10 – What can remote workers

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