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Everything You Need to Know About DaaS

In March of 2020, the trend began to have people work from home to slow the spread of COVID. That move made it so well over 60% of the American workforce was either laid off or forced to figure out how to do their office jobs from their sofas, kitchens, or bedrooms.

Seeing as how much time has passed since then, many of us have become experts on how to not miss a beat from home when it comes to working. Still, technology is rolling out monthly that makes that process easier.

Enter DaaS.

DaaS is a bit of technology that many of us have never heard of but likely use regularly if you’re still out of the office. In this post, we break down what DaaS is and how it benefits business owners and/or workers like you.

What Is DaaS?

DaaS is a fancy acronym that stands for desktop as a service. It borrows its name from SaaS (software as a service) and basically means any application that’s selling you access to your desktop as a monthly service.

You might be wondering why you’d buy access to your own personal desktop which you can access for free. DaaS applications actually specialize in giving you remote desktop access. That allows you to access your work computer as if you were sitting at work from any other computer in the world.

Why Does DaaS Matter?

For many industries, on-boarding DaaS software is important because the mobile computers they’ve given their workforce may not be able to run all of the applications their office computers can. That may be because of technological limits or security considerations.

With DaaS, if there’s an application you can’t run on your mobile solution, you can simply remote into your work desktop and stream those applications to your mobile computer as if you were sitting at your place of employment.

Even though industries are starting to trickle back into work, for those that don’t see a return to work on their horizon, DaaS offers a workable, long-term remote access solution.

More Advantages of DaaS

You can probably think up valuable use-cases for DaaS. In case you’re struggling to visualize how your business might benefit though, here are a couple more situations in which DaaS drives value.

Better Productivity

Giving employees access to their full breadth of tools anywhere in the world makes them more productive. So long as your employees have access to moderate-speed internet, they’ll be able to access office applications and office computer power.

That’s a powerful feather in the hat of getting things done.


Tomorrow may bring a willingness to return to work. What about the following year though? What about five years from now?

Investing in a DaaS review and getting hooked into DaaS software thereafter means always having solutions in place to deal with future government edicts that may limit your ability to conduct business.

Are You on DaaS Yet?

As we break down the viability of DaaS platforms, we can’t help but wonder if you’re already on one at this stage in the pandemic. If you are, good on you! If you’re not, we recommend being proactive in on-boarding DaaS or talking to someone that can.

If you’d like more information on virtual desktop software, desktop as a service, computer processes, or anything else, explore more of the newest content on our blog.

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