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Facebook employees are mad the company won’t pay for their laundry!

Facebook’s parent company Meta has announced that it will revoke certain employee benefits such as free laundry, dry cleaning, and valet service. In response, employees used to the perks are up in arms about this development.

Additionally, the dinner service at the company has been pushed back from 6 PM to 6:30 PM. Coupled with the fact that the shuttle service leaving the office is at 6 PM, this left the impression on employees that the multi-billion dollar social media giant is skimping on perks.

However, Meta clarified, saying, it is making these changes to incorporate the new hybrid work model that has become a reality with the onset of the pandemic.

The changes in the meal service are for those employees that want to work late, while the elimination of the valet service is purely to reduce its environmental impact by encouraging employees not to bring their cars to work, Meta said. Both shuttles and bikes are available for on-campus transport.

Responding to the perceived unhappiness of employees to these changes, CTO Andrew Bosworth reportedly defended them and “chafed at the perceived sense of entitlement on display” among the disgruntled employees.

Meanwhile, Meta also announced it will increase the annual employee wellness benefit from $700 to $3000, which covers everything from physical wellness to mental health coverage, and expenses related to financial planning, child care, elder care, and pet care.

Many US employees are expected back to work from the office, from the week starting March 28, although some employees expect to continue working from home.

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