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Flipkart Marketplace introduces policy changes, sellers now have it easy with 10-min onboarding

Ecommerce giant Flipkart has announced a slew of industry-first marketplace policy changes and new capabilities to build an inclusive ecommerce ecosystem that contributes to the growth, prosperity, and empowerment of seller partners.

The policy changes under “Flipkart EDGE” have been introduced to address the growing needs of sellers by significantly improving their ease of doing business on the Flipkart platform.

The mix of policy changes and capabilities include a payment policy with the fastest payment settlement cycle in the industry, hassle-free 10-min onboarding, guaranteed ROI on Ad spends, lowest return cost for performing sellers, and deals with Cleartrip integration for travel-related requirements along with a host of other integrated benefits. 

Flipkart Group CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy

Jagjeet Harode, Senior Director and Head – Marketplace, Flipkart, said, “As a democratic marketplace, we want to ensure that all our seller partners can grow their business and keep pace with the growing consumer needs. We continue to innovate and grow the e-commerce marketplace segment in India with industry-first innovations and equip MSMEs and seller partners on their journey towards strong, sustainable growth. Our industry-first policy changes and new tech capabilities aim to empower sellers and consumers while promoting India’s e-commerce growth story. We are committed to addressing some of the industry limitations faced by sellers, from payments to onboarding to cataloguing, through our new policies and capabilities.” 

Policy changes and tech capability details for existing and new sellers on the Flipkart marketplace include – 

  1. Seamless 10-minute onboarding – An onboarding process to empower sellers to get started without any hassles.
  2. Ease of listing and cataloguing – This automated solution converts any product image to Flipkart-standard quality on the go, making it easier for sellers.
  3. Best-in-class payment/return policies – With this payment policy, the ecommerce platform will process seller payments 7-10 days from dispatch, making it the fastest and most predictable payment settlement platform.
  4. Guaranteed ROI delivery on Ads for sellers – The guaranteed ROI on Ad spends will boost sellers’ visibility making it easier to scale their businesses.
  5. Integrated group travel benefits for sellers with Cleartrip integration – A single window dashboard with Cleartrip integration will assist sellers by offering exclusive and special deals for their frequent travel needs. 
  6. All new iOS app for sellers – The Flipkart Seller Hub app is for sellers to manage all aspects of their businesses using their mobile. A new iOS app also allows easy listing and AI-based cataloguing on the app itself.

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