You are currently viewing Founders Factory and G-Force launches ‘Sustainability Seed Program’ to accelerate climate-tech startups

Founders Factory and G-Force launches ‘Sustainability Seed Program’ to accelerate climate-tech startups

Climate change is widespread and intensifying, says the latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report. Human-induced climate change is affecting many weather and climate extremes across the world. UN Secretary-General António Guterres describes the report as “a code red for humanity.”

However, there is still time to limit climate change, say experts from IPCC. A dramatic drop in the emission of greenhouse gases could quickly make air quality better, and in 20 to 30 years, global temperatures could stabilise. However, new sustainable technologies and business models are necessary for the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

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Sustainability Seed Program

Recognising the critical need in creating a sustainable, greener future, Founders Factory has joined hands with G-Force to launch its Sustainability Seed Program. The program will be a hub for accelerating sustainability and climate-tech ventures worldwide. 

A syndicate of tech leaders, including Boris Zelený (serial entrepreneur and key figure behind AVG, sold to AVAST for $1.4B), Marian Gazdik (Startup Grind), and serial early-stage investors Peter Külloi & Miklós Kóbor are also invested in the programme. 

The programme will invest and support entrepreneurs with innovative approaches to reducing the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The program will focus on five key areas: 

  • Circular economy 
  • Sustainable housing and manufacturing 
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Sustainable food/feed production 
  • Carbon/methane capture & storage

Operated out of Bratislava, Slovakia, the program will be conducted in a hybrid way – mixing remote and in-person support – so that any eco-tech venture in any location around the world can apply and benefit from the expertise, financial support, and advice provided by the scheme.

Founders Factory: Venture studio and accelerator

Founded in 2015 by Brent Hoberman, Henry Lane Fox, and George Northcott, Founders Factory is a global corporate-backed venture studio and accelerator. Based out of London, the company builds and scales technology startups solving global problems.

The Founders Factory portfolio includes over 200 category-defining tech companies globally, 45+ of which have been built from scratch in its Venture Studio.

Henry Lane Fox, Chief Executive Officer at Founders Factory, said: “We sit at a critical crossroads for our planet and the clock is ticking. Technology can fast-track the changes we urgently need. By nurturing the disruption entrepreneurs are so good at creating we can design a better, more sustainable future for all.”

“In partnership with G-Force, Founders Factory Sustainability Seed Program will be a leading pre/seed programme committed to building and supporting the ventures that will have a positive impact on the world,” she added.


G-Force is a global pre/seed investment and acceleration program for scalable sustainability and climate-tech startups. It helps mission-driven green-tech founders with a cash investment, non-equity financing, finding product-market fit, and more. 

Marian Gazdik, the co-founding partner of G-Force, said: “It has never been more important to support the entrepreneurs and ventures whose technology based solutions can quickly alter the course of our planet’s future, and who can deliver a cleaner, safer future for generations to come. Our ambition is to make G-Force, in partnership with the Founders Factory Sustainability Seed Program, into a world-class sustainability innovation hub, based in the heart of Europe.”


The participating startups will receive benefits including: 

  • Seed investment up to €150K
  • 6-months of bespoke support (tailored to the startup’s needs and growth objectives) 
  • Access to world-class networks (100+ corporates, investors).

Founders Factory Sustainability Seed Program is now accepting applications from climate-tech startups worldwide. You can sign up for the application here.

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