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Four Best Hidden Cameras For Optimum Surveillance- Technology News, FP

Camouflages with screws and buttons

For a mini wide lens wired security camera, this device is quite reliable. It captures videos at 480p with its HD 1000TVL high-resolution camera. The camera is really tiny and can be paired with small items like screws, buttons, etc to camouflage it with your everyday items. The camera runs on AHD DVR/NVR and has a built-in microphone that records surrounding sounds as well. This can also be used to monitor and save what the camera captures in real-time with an extension wire cord, mini DVR and a portable monitor for the best experience. Get this camera if you want something that can’t be easily spotted.

Records only when there’s a movement

Ideal for home and office monitoring, this hidden camera is shaped like a USB adapter. The camera has a maximum storage capacity of 128 GB with SD card support and records scenes in 1080P HD. It requires no prior setup and has no buttons either. Simply plug it into the socket, and it will start recording. In the same way, it will cease recording once the device is unplugged. With its smart motion detector, the camera will only record once it senses movement – this helps save space on the SD card. To view the recording, just connect the USB device to your computer. If you’re looking for a portable hidden camera then this one is a good option, given that it connects with a power bank as well.

Night vision camera with two-way communication

This camera is truly smart when it comes to all its features. Given that it is small it can be put in any corner of your home, backyards, office etc. On connecting to the internet you can remotely view the live video from anywhere in the world. The camera supports motion detection to save space and with night vision, records perfectly well even in the dark with IR vision technology. What’s even better is the fact that it not only records sound but also lets you send your audio to it. Its WiFi connectivity and night vision make the camera a worthwhile buy.

Hidden pen-shaped camera

With a record button on top, this pen-shaped camera camouflages well as just a pen. The button allows you to switch between taking still pictures and recording videos that can be stopped with one click. It also has a micro SD slot from which you can transfer videos directly by connecting them to your computer. It has no lights, which ensures that the camera remains well hidden during recording. If you’re in search of a camera that’s extremely discreet and has a mic, then you should consider buying this one.

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