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Four skills to up your performance marketing game in 2022

With ever-changing technology, it is important to recognise and put into practice effective and efficient marketing strategies to grow a business. Doing so can help us better approach our target audience, build brand recognition and identity, and influence customer behavior. It helps us to meet our goals and expand our business.

Performance marketing impacts the way businesses are able to advertise and build sales for their products and services.

What makes Performance Marketing special?

Performance marketing is unique because it is focussed, precise, and helps us target the most relevant audience.

Another perk of performance marketing is that we can track our campaigns on a real-time basis and modify them accordingly to reach the desired results.

Top 4 performance marketing skills to acquire in 2022

1. Data Analytics

Data analytics enables us to analyse all the data to identify performance and generate insights to make well informed decisions that help improve overall performance. Data can radically improve how companies acquire and grow high-valued customers.

Data forms the core of performance marketing and with the help of accurate and comprehensive data analysis, we can capitalize on the right opportunities.

Regular and continued data analysis helps us modify our strategies on a real time basis.

Technology is ever evolving, and we must change with the times as well. It is imperative to stay updated with the latest tools and technologies available in the industry in order to stay at the forefront. Systems like Google and Facebook update their systems regularly and we must keep up.

2. Business acumen

In literal terms, business acumen can be defined as the “keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with a business situation in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome”.

In the performance marketing space, business acumen is required in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs, along with the ability to perfectly articulate our plan to reach the desired results.

Having strong business acumen helps us have a bird’s eye view of the larger picture. Not only that, it also helps us understand the brief and objectives of the client in a detailed manner and then break it down into actionable items.

Understanding the value that a consumer brings in, the Lifetime value it has and at what costs are we getting our consumers into the funnel is key.

3. Adaptability

Being in a highly technology-driven industry requires us to constantly be on our feet and stay up to date with the latest developments. No two requirements are ever the same, and we often find ourselves facing new challenges.

Being adaptable can be important when working on projects, developing strategies, and implementing different approaches to meeting goals. By showing adaptability skills, we reveal how motivated we are to try new things and learn new skills.

4. Understanding your target audience

It is imperative for every marketer to have a deep understanding of his target group. ‘Target group’ refers to the specific group of customers likely to buy our product or service, and for whom all our ads are targeted.

Understanding our TG and their behaviour, geography, demography, and other characteristics is crucial to every marketing plan and strategy we execute. Knowing where to reach them, how to reach them and with what communication to reach them is what differentiates between an efficient marketer and a regular one.

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