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From unemployment to entrepreneurship

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Over a million Indians move to the US each year, but finding a job can be a tough task. Priyanka Botny found herself in such a situation. 

Unwilling to give up, she decided on becoming an immigrant entrepreneur and started Playonomics — an online experiential learning platform for employees to improve their emotional intelligence. 

Priyanka says often focusing on IT infrastructure takes away attention from employee wellbeing. “We help in bringing that intelligence to build emotional skills, along with digital transformation at organisations,” Priyanka explains. 

The startup focuses on decision-making and using human emotions to further digital transformation. 

Its SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product collects human interaction data by monitoring the experiences of employees, and provides feedback about their emotional skills using human raw data with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) models.

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Editor’s Pick: The Turning Point 

In this week’s Turning Point series, we look at Perfios, a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform for financial services industry. Founded in 2007, Perfios has top Indian financial services institutions as its customers.

The startup is a real-time credit decisioning and analytics-focused product company at present. However, this wasn’t the problem statement it began with. Read more

Startup Spotlight

Finding home-cooked meals near you  

Launched in December 2021, WhatsApp conversational commerce startup Hey Homie connects users with home chefs present in their localities. It has a presence in more than 90 condominiums in Delhi-NCR, with 120,000 households signed up as its customers. Apart from delicious home-cooked food, users have also been able to find long-term friends and even soulmates via the platform, co-founder Anujj Mehta says. Read more

Upcycling food surplus 

Led by Saket Dave and Krishnan Kasturirangan, Wastelink solves the problem of commercial food waste by creating a circular economy solution that upcycles food surplus to animal feed.

In the last two years, the startup, which collects food waste from over 700+ locations across India, spanning 50+ cities, claims to have upcycled over 5,000 metric tons of food waste, preventing over 11,000 metric tons in greenhouse gas emissions. Read more.

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“Adversity only brings the best in you.” 

Niharika Verma, Founder, Bonkids

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