You are currently viewing [Funding alert] Dyte raises $11.6M in seed capital

[Funding alert] Dyte raises $11.6M in seed capital

Live video and audio platform Dytehas raised $11.6 million in seed funding led by Unbound, Sequoia Capital India’s Surge and Nexus Venture Partners. The funding will be used to expand their product and engineering team, and focus on international hires while building for a global market.

“We’ve only just scratched the surface of possibilities when it comes to live video. It’s our mission to provide app developers with an easy-to-use interface, so that they can focus on the customer user experience, and not worry about the technology or infrastructure challenges of building and supporting live audio and video. Using live video and audio for work is not only the new normal, but it’s imperative that the future of work is built out and thought out carefully. People need to be able to multitask, share and integrate their business needs while being able to talk with colleagues and clients.” said Abhishek Kankani, Co-founder and CEO of Dyte. 

Abhishek, Dyte

The startup is a developer-friendly, real-time audio and video communication software development kit (SDK). It allows product and engineering teams to integrate live video into their apps to support innovative & interesting business use-cases. The SDK is simple, offers integrations within hours, and has a large number of plug-ins and configurations.

These configurations provide developers with a quick and efficient way to embed audio and video calling, AI video augmentation, and collaboration features with just a few clicks instead of needing complex code.

With Dyte’s SDK, users can easily add live video into their platform for 1:1 calls, group calls or webinars. Developers have the freedom to customise their video calling experience using Dyte’s wide array of layouts and permissions, with no coding required. Dyte currently facilitates millions of minutes of live video calls each month.

A few of Dyte’s current customers include Skill-Lync, (Yellow Messenger),, Shimmer, Newton School, Board Infinity, Zuddl, ADPList and Dyte also caters to telemedicine apps, EdTech and gaming platforms, and customer-support teams. Dyte’s pricing has been designed to be simple, user-friendly and purely based on user minutes – calculated as the number of users on a video call multiplied by the number of minutes each user was on the call. 

Dyte also offers plugins to make video calls more engaging as well as to enhance the user experience to be more immersive and collaborative. The current set of plugins include whiteboarding apps such as Miro and Whiteboard, along with Youtube and Google docs. It also provides a one-of-a-kind remote browser, which allows multiple users to browse the web in sync while on a video call. 

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