You are currently viewing [Funding alert] GlobalBees backs three startups, The Butternut Company, Mush and Strauss

[Funding alert] GlobalBees backs three startups, The Butternut Company, Mush and Strauss

GlobalBees, India’s newest unicorn and a roll-up ecommerce company, has added three new brands to its portfolio with investment in healthy-snack food brand — The Butternut Company; sustainable clothing brand Mush Textile; and sports and fitness equipment brand Strauss.


Nitin Agarwal, CEO, GlobalBees said, 

“With every company joining our journey, we move closer to the goal of establishing GlobalBees as a diverse house of brands serving millions of customers globally. These brands have a great growth trajectory and come with a deep purpose to build meaningful products across categories that address unique consumer needs. We plan to collaborate closely with the founders to make these brands household names.”

GlobalBees now has 11 direct-to-consumer brands in its portfolio, including The Better Home, andMe, Prolixr, Absorbia, Yellow Chimes, HealthyHey, Rey Naturals, and Intellilens.

In the next three years, the unicorn is looking forward to investing in 100+ brands across verticals, including consumer goods (FMCG), sports, home organisation, and lifestyle.

The Butternut Company, founded in 2016 by Ankita M Kukreja, Sahil Kukreja, and Suhail Pansare, offers nut butters, chocolate spreads, and healthy snack foods in a variety of flavours with no added refined sugar. The brand focuses on plant protein and heart-healthy fats suitable for people of all ages, including children and the elderly. It has served over one million customers to date.

Sahil Kukreja, Co-founder, The Butternut Company, said, 

“Over the last four years, we have created a trusted brand that focuses on providing nutritious snack items produced with natural ingredients. We are confident that our partnership with GlobalBees’ team will help establish the brand as a household name in India and around the world.”

Mush is a premium brand that provides its customers with an exclusive range of bamboo textile products. The company was founded by Ayush Agarwal and Nihar Gosalia in 2018. The brand sells eco-friendly and high-quality bamboo textile bath sets, bath towels, face towels and aims to replace cotton, polyester and other similar fibres with bamboo fibres. Within a few years, it has expanded to 50+ stock-keeping units (SKUs).


Nihar Gosalia, Co-founder, Mush, added, 

“The demand for sustainable fashion is increasing tremendously and we see bamboo fibers replacing others due to its performance and ecological benefits. Joining the GlobalBees family will accelerate our growth engines as we plan to launch various products across categories on both online and offline channels.” 

Strauss, launched in 2016 by Deepak Sachdeva, is operating in sports and fitness equipment categories, with over 25+ products listed on Amazon and Flipkart. The company sells sports and fitness equipment in categories including exercise and fitness, yoga, skating, cricket, cycling, and more.


Deepak Sachdeva, Founder, Strauss, said,

“Today’s consumer is seeking easy, convenient and at-home ways to stay fit and healthy. At Strauss, we strive to provide products that address both the physical and mental well-being of consumers. By partnering with industry leaders, we are confident of making fitness more accessible and enjoyable.”

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