[Funding alert] Medical device distributor Genworks Health raises Rs 15 Cr from Blacksoil

[Funding alert] Medical device distributor Genworks Health raises Rs 15 Cr from Blacksoil


GE Wipro-backed Genworks Health, a medical device distributor in Tier II/III India, has raised Rs 15 crore from Blacksoil.

According to a statement by the company, the funds will be used for meeting the working capital requirements and expanding the company’s newly acquired In-Vitro Diagnostics segment of IRIS Healthcare.

The acquisition complements and accelerates the current In-Vitro Diagnostics segment of Genworks and improves its geographical footprint, it stated.

Speaking on the business, S Ganeshprasad, Co-founder, MD, and CEO of Genworks, said, 

We are pleased to tie up with Blacksoil and have them as our partner. Their funding is a strong boost to our expansion activities and will help us grow our product portfolio as we continue to onboard various segments to build our care cycle.” 

Genworks, which started as a medical equipment distributor for GE Wipro in Tier II/III India, has tied up with various OEMs and has expanded its product portfolio to cover the entire “care cycle” of a patient – from screening to diagnosis to treatment and monitoring.

Apart from the distribution of medical equipment, the startup also provides software solutions and interpretation services as well as related maintenance, repair, and installation services in the area of maternal and infant care, women’s health, cardiology, oncology, in-vitro diagnostics, radiology, surgery, and critical care.

Genworks has created a strong distribution network across India and has tie-ups for best in class medical device manufacturers in the country. Their robust portfolio of products covers most areas required in a ‘care cycle’. Covid has also heightened the need for quality healthcare across the country. We are pleased to be associated with the company and are glad we can play a role in helping the improvement of the healthcare system of India,” said Ankur Bansal, Director, Blacksoil Capital.


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