You are currently viewing [Funding alert] SaaS startup Rattle raises $26M Series A funding led by Insight Partners

[Funding alert] SaaS startup Rattle raises $26M Series A funding led by Insight Partners

The SaaS company pioneering revenue orchestration, Rattle, has raised $26 million in Series A funding, led by Insight Partners with participation from GV and existing investors Sequoia Capital India & Lightspeed.

Rattle previously raised $2.8 million in seed funding less than a year ago, bringing the total raised to date to $28.8 million.

Rattle was co-founded in 2020 by Sahil Aggarwal, Apoorva Verma, and Milan Singh, each with prior experience working at high-growth startups managing GTM systems and dealing with the problem first hand.

“We are in the early stages of a generational shift in how work gets done in the modern enterprise and are very excited to build this new stack from the ground up,” said Sahil, Co-founder and CEO.

Facing an already strong demand from GTM teams, Rattle’s latest investment comes on the heels of a 10x YoY growth, as the company continues to add well-known SaaS and enterprise customers.

Leading organisations, including Miro, ClickUp, Rippling, Front and Clearbit, all rely on Rattle’s Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) system as the building block to improve go-to-market transparency and increase sales velocity as their sales organisations scale.

Ganesh Bell, Managing Director at Insight Partners, said, “How we work is rapidly changing, but the often-used enterprise applications like sales, marketing, and customer success systems haven’t evolved. Most enterprise apps were designed for humans entering data vs supporting collaborative work.

“Insight is thrilled to partner with Rattle because they’ve fundamentally changed how teams operate. Rattle brilliantly integrates our new places of work, like Slack and Teams, with these clunky legacy applications in a way that supports the modern workforce. This is a truly game-changing solution that will create faster, smarter, and happier go-to-market teams.”

Rattle’s solution is to look within organisations and leverage pre-existing systems in a more effective way, turning core collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams into the revenue central nervous system empowering go-to-market teams to access previously siloed data in a single location.

In fact, when surveying customers on data management processes, 78 percent said the ability for their teams to quickly access and modify data was the primary reason they chose Rattle.

Actionable insights

James La Rheir, Director of Sales Operations at a16z-backed Imply, said, “Rattle has turned our CRM from a passive data repository into a full-scale engagement platform. With Rattle in our tech stack, our teams are empowered to be immediately responsive to the impacts of data changes…ensuring their data is kept current, accurate and relevant via direct Salesforce updates in Slack. Rattle checks every box in the 4 P’s (people, passion, product, potential). You will not go wrong with them.”

While SaaS companies continue to build systems focused on their singular output, Rattle is building the underlying infrastructure to allow systems and people to interact with each other natively in Slack or Teams.

The no-code platform can be deployed in minutes and currently integrates with key go-to-market systems, including Salesforce, Google Suite, Outreach, and Gainsight, with Zendesk, JIRA, Marketo, Hubspot, Salesloft and more coming soon this year.

“Our company lives in Slack, so having the ability to push relevant customer information where our teams work and when they need it has been monumental,” said Ryan Heitz, Senior Manager of Sales Operations at Miro.

He added that Rattle had allowed them to quickly take actionable insights and be more responsive with Salesforce records right in Slack.

“The impact can easily be seen with our user’s usage and data input, and direct correlation to our core metrics. Plus, in just a few clicks, we can iterate and manipulate, to match any organisational or process changes, any Rattle workflows.”

Edited by Teja Lele Desai

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