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Here’s how Lenovo helps you make the responsible choice with asset recovery and data disposal

Did you know? Roughly 40 million metric tons of electronic waste (e-waste) is produced globally each year, and about 13 percent of it is recycled mostly in developing countries. In fact, studies show that the global generation of e-waste is projected to grow to 74.7 million metric tons by 2030. To help minimise waste and maximise the value of resources, it is more important than ever to dispose of assets and data in a secure and responsible manner.

Moreover, if left unattended, asset disposal can easily become a costly and resource-intensive problem. Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Service (ARS) helps you mitigate the environmental and data security risks associated with disposing an asset once it has completed its life cycle.

Lenovo’s ARS is a cost-effective means to dispose sensitive information and obsolete equipment, while offsetting costs for technology refresh of organisations. As a part of ARS, Lenovo experts assist businesses in the development of a sustainable corporate disposal strategy for any hardware, with a range of asset disposal options, including that of a certified and documented validation of inventory and repair.

While the benefits of leveraging Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Services is multifold, one of the notable ones is that it offers project management with a single point of contact and secured data destruction with certification including software wipe, degauss or physical destruction, asset packing, pickup and logistics. It also offers maximum residual value for asset remarketing and adheres to green and legal regulations and internationally-accredited processes for asset recycling.

It helps organisations responsibly dispose of any hardware from any brand, including laptops and notebooks, desktops, peripherals such as keyboards, mice and cables (with systems), LCD/CRT monitors, servers, PDAs and cell phones and printers.

Lenovo works with the best vendors in the IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) industry while representing the largest recyclers and refurbishers in the world, allowing it to generate the maximum possible value for businesses from this process.

Here’s a look at what Lenovo’s standard ARS facility entails:

•Reverse logistics and packaging

•Securely transport assets from the client’s location

•Processing to receive, test and prepare equipment for resale

•Recycling to ensure sustainable disposal of obsolete equipment

•Certified data destruction according to NIST, DoD or on demand

•Client portal for easy submission of pick-up requests and tracking

•Single point of contact and detailed reporting

•Return value for re-marketable assets

•Flat rate shipping

Upon request, Lenovo also provides remote or on-site discovery to provide services like current inventory with value assessment, dismantling and moving of assets to on-site pickup area, quarantine hold of assets for specified period to ensure data migration, and refurbishment to prepare assets for redeployment, donation, or lease return.

In addition to safely and efficiently handling assets once they’ve completed their life cycle, Lenovo also builds value by formulating an organisation’s plan for the future disposition of assets with the purchase of new systems and for assets that are currently in use.

With Lenovo Asset Recovery Services, businesses can thus leverage tried and tested, optimised and efficient processes that fit their requirements at any stage.

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