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High Precision Electronic Timers- Technology News, FP

Handles wide voltage

The EuroControls ABS Frontier TM619H-2 is the world’s most proven time switch with Taiwanese Excellence and is made with Taiwanese PCB technology. It exclusively ships the time switch with X2 power circuit which can handle wide voltage, surge & inrush currents ideal for Indian power supply conditions. It uses 4 pins for configuration. Its load capacity is 30 amps. It has a voltage of 220-240 V AC. It has a frequency of 50 Hz. This timer can be used in lighting, home automation, signage, hydroponics, irrigation, signaling, countdown, motor controls, pump & valve controls. This is made in Taiwan.

Digital Timer

This timer comes with replaceable batteries. It has a frontier time switch with LCD. It contains four pins with 17 times on-off per day, up to 119 on or off per week. Frontier TM619H2 is controlled by a microprocessor. It is used for automatic switching on or off for any appliances. The timer is used for irrigation, agricultural pumps or street light, signage board, hydroponics, and appliances. It has a voltage of 220-250 V AC. It has a frequency of 50-60 Hz.

Lightning control

QUICK SENSE is a digital programmable electronic timer for mobile and laptop charging. It has 16 programs ON/OFF memory. It has a load capacity of 1000 Watt. This timer comfortably fits into the most commonly used plug points in Indian homes. It can be used for fish aquarium, street lamps, garden lights, decorative lighting, hoarding lighting, glow sign board and outdoor lighting, neon signs, household electrical appliances. It has a voltage of 220-240 V. It has a frequency of 50-60 Hz. It is made in India.

Energy Saver

Blackt Electrotech 230V is an energy-saving electronic timer. It is 24/7 programmable. It has repeat programs with 16 on/off settings and setting on/off manually. The timer has a working light power indicator. It consists of a built-in battery. It consists of 1000 watt / 10 amps 240 V AC. The operating temperature is -10 to + 40 degrees Celsius. This timer is used for garden lights, glow, signboard, laptop, mobile charger, fish aquariums, and routers.

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