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Holding Client Meetings At Home: Things To Do First

While modern technology has made it possible to host meetings virtually anywhere, many clients still prefer in-person interactions. If you’re a home-based business owner, that means holding meetings at your house. However, when your residence and office are in the same space, the pressure to make a good impression increases. Hiding those imperfections that other professionals don’t have to worry about (clutter, toys, odors, and needed repairs) is challenging.  

So, how do you create a professional, safe, and comfortable environment to conduct business? Consider the advice below. 

Take Care Of Maintenance And Repairs

While you and your family may have learned to live with the draft or the broken toilet seat, your clients won’t be so understanding. Your house as a whole must be in tip-top shape before you open it up for business. That means taking care of any necessary maintenance and repair tasks, mainly in spaces your client might utilize, like your office or restroom. 

Create a checklist of everything that needs to be done and either complete the improvements yourself or hire a contractor to do the job for you. The good news is that some of the repairs could be written off on your business taxes as operational expenses. 

Eliminate Pest Problems

Imagine meeting with a client in your office, and your meeting is suddenly interrupted by a mouse scurrying about or a bug climbing the wall. Chances are it won’t go over well. Therefore, you need to eliminate pest problems before holding client meetings. You can try store-bought traps and sprays for minor issues. 

If you’re dealing with an ongoing pest problem, you may need to consider cleaning your attic or hiring pest control experts. A simple search for attic cleaning near me or pest control services in your city or state will provide you with a list of qualified experts to help resolve the matter. 

Clean And Declutter

If you walked into an office or retail shop and it was dirty or cluttered, chances are you’d want to go somewhere else to get what you need. While your clients understand that you’re operating out of your home, they expect to meet with you in a space that’s clean and clutter-free. 

Clean your house from top to bottom. That includes mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, wiping hard surfaces, and washing linens. Go through each room and get rid of items you no longer need or want to free up space. You can throw them away, donate them, or sell the items for extra cash. Finally, organize the rooms, ensuring that everything has a place to prevent clutter. 

Designate An Office Space

If you haven’t done so already, designate an office space. This is the room or area in your house where you conduct business. It should be close to an exit or entry point, so clients don’t have to walk through your entire house. The designated space should also be in a part of the home that’s furthest away from distractions like the television, kids, or pets. Furnish your workspace with office furniture, technology, equipment, and supplies necessary to complete your job. 

Aesthetics And Comfort

Don’t overlook the importance of comfort and aesthetics when holding client meetings in your home. Although your entire living space doesn’t have to look like it came out of a lifestyle magazine, the spaces your client will encounter should be impressive. 

Decorate your entryways, waiting areas, and home office by incorporating stylish decor that adds personality to the space. Opt for furniture that’s comfortable for sitting and includes elements of health and wellness like plants, aromatherapy diffusers, and air purifiers. Finally, ensure that you are the perfect host by having beverages and refreshments nearby. 

Having a home-based business has many advantages, particularly saving a ton of money on commercial property. Be that as it may, when your living and working space are under the same room, it can present some challenges when conducting in-person meetings. If you’re thinking of opening your home up to clients, ensure that you’ve taken care of the above tasks for a welcoming yet professional experience.

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