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How MakeMyTrip’s bet on data paid off

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NASDAQ-listed Online Travel Aggregator (OTA) MakeMyTrip (MMT) set up its data team across Bengaluru and Gurugram nearly six years ago – way before the COVID-19 pandemic added more chaos to the travel industry.

Divided into the data platform team and data sciences team, the larger data team is headed by Sanjay Mohan, Group CTO at MMT. 

While the data platform team is responsible for building the data pipeline – right from how the data is logged to the storage of quality data in accessible form, data sciences, with expertise in Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve use-case-specific business domain problems.

“Compared to other ecommerce services, travel requires context, it is a less frequent purchase and is a perishable inventory. Pricing is dynamic in this case and it is different from what a user might be looking for. That is why data science around travel is an interesting problem to solve,” Sanjay tells YS

This foresight has helped the platform better manage the disruption caused by the pandemic and quickly roll out features in line with new travel protocols. Read more.

The Interview

Sakshi Shivdasani is a content creator and has explored many interesting ideas. She has been winning hearts with her fresh sense of style and witty jokes. 

On this episode of #InfluencersInc, Sakshi talks about her journey as a content creator and what lies ahead for the future.

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Brewing an idea

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Find out how he overcame the challenges.

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– Byju Raveendran, Founder-CEO of BYJU’S

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