How can an SEO audit improve your sales?

If you think you have a perfect website, but you’ve never invested in a professional SEO audit, you’re probably wrong. And it’s not that a perfect site doesn’t exist. The reason is that without a thorough diagnosis of its performance, technical issues, content, UX elements, keywords, and a clear marketing plan, it’s rather improbable. A well conducted audit helps achieve business goals providing a set of recommendations that have to be incorporated to the website. Depending on your site’s complexity and quality, it can lead to hundreds of changes or only a few. Either way, it takes time and effort to do it right.

professional SEO audit

1.   Thinking more like a client

Apart from other things, a white label SEO audit will tell you if the UX on your website is sufficient enough or if you have to make some changes to make the page more user friendly. If a customer doesn’t feel good on your website, doesn’t know how to navigate it, where to find interesting content or products, it’s quite possible that he or she will move along to your competition. A website has to be appealing, functional, intuitive and easy to use. It’s a key to its success.

2.   Unspoiled performance

A professional SEO audit analyzes the technical side of your website as well. It checks its speed, estimates if the images aren’t too large and if the code is all right. Thanks to these procedures, Google bots can easily crawl your website, index it, and rank it higher in the search results. And what it means is that more and more people will see it and visit it looking for something they’re really interested in.

3.   Mobile is everything

You probably spend a lot of time on your smartphone – is it correct? Well, we all do. And that’s why every business should make advantage of this knowledge. Making your website mobile-friendly or even mobile-first is of the highest priority, because Google pays significant attention to pages with improved mobile performance. An SEO audit can help you identify any possible flaws and correct them.

4.   Focus on content

You probably have some content on your website. Maybe it’s even quite valuable from your customer’s perspective. But are they even able to find it in the intricacies of the internet? If you fill your content with proper keywords, they will work for your advantage. An audit will help you choose wisely and determine if the number of keyphrases used in each text is adequate.

5.   Keywords rule the internet

Last but definitely not least – keywords. If you choose them wisely and implement them in your SEO campaign, you’ll win. A thorough and professional SEO audit will show you the most relevant phrases that relate to your business and are used by your competitors. You want your visitors to be really interested in what you’re selling and not leave your site as soon as they get there. Keywords help avoid such situations, because thanks to proper phrases you mostly attract an audience which knows what you’re selling and wants to buy it from you.

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