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So here’s the little secret. Instead of trying to find new keyword opportunities to rank for. All I do is find whatever keywords already rank for, even if they’re small, and find other longtail variations of that same exact keyword and generate more traffic, by going after that term as well.

Here’s what I mean. If you already ranking for the term dog food, and you’re getting a lot of traffic for it, Google will easily rank you for all the other longtail variations for dogs. The reason being is it’s harder to rank for the head term than it is to rank for the longtail variation.

And even if the majority of your traffic comes from a longtail term like how to become rich. There’s still a lot of other longtail variations, even that word, such as how to become rich on the internet, how to become rich through social media. So what I want you to do.

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Step one, head over tip number suggest typing your domain. When you type in your domain, it’ll show you something called top pages. These will show you all the pages that are driving your traffic and the keywords that are driving your rankings.

The next step I want you to take is not going to log into Google Search Console again it’ll show you all the terms that you’re already ranking for after you do that. The next step that you need to take is head back over to Uber suggests, and type in those exact phrases that you rank for Uber suggests we should be a keyword ideas report that shows you all the longtail variations of that term, you’ll find that if you rank for the head term, there’s a ton of other longtail terms that make up a lot of traffic, maybe not the same amount but they may make up one 10th of traffic one 20th of traffic, even one fifth of traffic.

But if you combine all those terms, eventually it’ll add up to a ton of traffic, more than even the head term. The next thing you need to do, take those terms, go back to the pages already ranking for the head term and adjust your content include all those terms rewrite the content, make sure providing value, you’re going so above and beyond people like oh my god this is the best page ever for dog food, it shows me how to feed my dog shows me what kind of food to pick for them, how to pick food if they’re gaining too much weight or they’re losing too much weight how to make them more fit and muscular, it breaks, everything down.

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So that way, no one else needs to read any other article on dogs. What you’ll find is, after you do that within 30 days. You’ll notice that that page will rank higher in Google for all the longtail variations, because once you rank for the main head term. It’s super easy to rank for all the longtail variations, because that term is the hardest one to rank for.

Who will naturally just pop up for all the other ones within 30 days. That’s a simple hack that I took.

And that’s what you need to do to drastically grow your traffic.

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