How Entrepreneurs Should Deal With Workplace Accidents & Injuries

Entrepreneurs have endless tasks to manage. Workplace safety often tends to take a backseat. But mishaps and injuries are daunting for startups as they hit employee morale and company reputation. Even worse, they entail the risk of lawsuits, which is the last thing you want to encounter at this stage. Accidents are inevitable, but you can curb the stress by implementing workplace safety measures. Also, you must plan to deal with workplace accidents and injuries. Employee safety is your responsibility, and you should be there for people who sustain injuries at work. Here are some actionable employee safety tips to handle these risky situations.

employee safety tips

Be prepared

An employer’s responsibility begins even before a mishap occurs at the workplace. Go the extra mile to create a safe work environment and prevent accidents in the first place. Since accidents are unavoidable, you must determine quick response strategies to reduce the severity of the injuries. Conduct ongoing safety training and awareness to ensure people know what to do in the event of a mishap. Keep first-aid supplies at hand and provide first-aid training to team members.

Respond quickly

The safety of the injured employee should be your priority, so you must act quickly after the accident. The first thing to do is move the victim away from the area and ensure no one else is hurt. Assess the severity of the injuries and provide first aid right away. Call emergency medical services immediately if you suspect severe injuries like traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage. Take pictures of the scene, note down details, and gather witness testimonies as they can help your employee claim compensation eventually.

Understand the impending legal implications

As an employer, you must understand the impending legal implications of workplace mishaps. The victim will probably sue you if the mishap happened due to negligence. If you are a victim, Find out how much you can claim for a work injury due to your employer’s negligence. Typically, the employer is liable for covering the treatment expenses and damages for accidents at the workplace. It is better to settle the claim amicably by giving the employee the compensation they deserve. Lawsuits are expensive and damaging, and startups should avoid them.

Set up a return-to-work program

Startups have a reputation and employer brand to protect. Setting up a return-to-work program for injured workers is a good idea. Victims may be unable to report for work during the recovery state. They miss out on work for several weeks or even months. You cannot expect them to be productive and efficient when they rejoin after the break. A return-to-work program helps them make a smooth transition and regain their productivity. It also helps them mentally by boosting their confidence in work.

Workplace safety matters for all business owners, but entrepreneurs must take it even more seriously. A mishap can translate into massive losses for your startup, even beyond the cost of medical treatment of your employee. Having a plan to deal with injuries ensures defense against the risk of lawsuits, downtime, and employee dissatisfaction. So you must follow these employee safety tips to stay on the safe side.

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