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How hybrid classrooms are at the forefront of futuristic learning

Classrooms were locked, school corridors fell silent and buses stayed parked on campuses with the rapid closure of educational institutions across the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the face of this upheaval, EdTech startups in India have begun to rise to the challenge – ensuring that young learners have an opportunity to continue and complete their education during lockdown.

Reports suggest that by 2025, this sector is estimated to grow by $10 billion at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 39 percent. With this in mind, the industry must now offer quality educational experiences that not only overcome challenges brought about by the pandemic, but also significantly improve on the physical classroom learning ecosystem. This, we believe, is possible only through hybrid classrooms.

Are hybrid classrooms the new face of education?

This new model of education where face-to-face classroom instruction is combined with online learning offers many advantages. Besides using technology to personalise learning, these classrooms of the future leverage advanced and innovative teaching methods to capture the student’s attention. Teachers have now adapted to unique teaching methods, like integrating household resources with next-gen apps to carry out activities and lessons. They have learned to create short videos, presentations to make lessons more engaging and interactive, resulting in the overall upskilling of the teaching workforce. And this is just the beginning.

With a host of advantages, it’s no wonder that Hybrid Classrooms – Futuristic School Learning – was chosen as the theme for the AWS Toppr Webinar, hosted by YourStory. The one-hour session will be conducted on the 12th of August at 4:00 pm and will host a panel of experts – in tech and education – deliberating the way forward for education.

The session will begin with an interesting conversation on the evolution of classrooms and the kind of challenges that were created by the pandemic. Panellists will then further elaborate on the teaching techniques that need to be adopted to fit into the hybrid classroom model. Many organisations, including Toppr, can attest to the urgent need to train teachers in new teaching methodologies and techniques. The panel will offer their insights on these topics that includes choosing the right tools for upskilling, identifying quality trainers and creating effective training modules for teachers.

The webinar concludes with a snippet about the role of online platforms in the future, and what steps policymakers will take to shape the future of education in the country.


Rohitashwa Choudhary, Senior Vice President, Toppr

Durga Kakaraparthi, Head, AWS Solutions Architecture, Public Sector

Dhriti Malhotra, Director Principal, Manav Rachna International School, Gurugram

Shivani Muthanna, Senior Business News Anchor and Programme Producer, YourStory Media

Who will attend?

The session will be attended by the school fraternity including principals, directors and the senior management

If you are an educator, or work in EdTech, this is the webinar for you. Click here to register.

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