How Inspirational Quotes Can Change Lives!

Do not underestimate the power of inspirational quotes. Great quotes can not only change lives, but might change a nation as a whole, if everybody studies and listens to the wisdom of the wise men. Words have enormous power!

Every now and then, great individuals, like Albert Einstein, Mohatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa appeared and taught us great deals about lives. Whether you are in a bad relationships, bad health, problems with work, family, children, or just feeling depress, not motivated, unable to move on with life, you will find one of the many inspirational quotes which gives a powerful mental boost that helps you cross that junction.

We are living in an era whereby we have lost the core value of being a true human being. People are constantly suffering. Are lives supposed to be like that?

No. As Buddha said, being alive is a great fortune; we are here to enjoy life and to become happy.

But why then, there are so many unhappy people? Thousands of reasons. You can be rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, if you choose not to be happy, you will not be. Sometimes miseries are caused by others, but most of the time is we, ourselves.

How often do we ask ourselves, why am I not happy? Do I want more of these, more of that? “Count the blessings.” This is where this inspirational quotes comes in handy. It serves as a reminder to help us to see what we already have is good enough. Be appreciative and grateful from moment to moment.

“Live in the moment.” Another great quotes that shows us the importance of living mindfully with full awareness. My all time favorite, “The past is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift, that is why it is called Present.”

Life is about making choices. Every moment is about making a choice. Do you choose to be happy from time to time? If not, why? What is your core value, what do you want?

“Foolishness, greed and hatred are the three poisons that ruin lives.” How true is that!

In conclusion, deep down inside, everyone wants to live a fulfilling life. It is why we are here for, to learn and grow. We can not do that simply by ourselves. We need encouragement and motivation. No matter whom you are, executives, business men, teachers, parents, students, you need constant reminders in order to keep you going in things that you do and deal with.

So make sure that you:
1. Read a good quote a day. Just one. And think about what the person who said it really mean and how that can apply to your daily life.
2. Place your favorite quote in front of your computer to pick you up spiritually.
3. Always refer to inspirational quotes that change lives when you need help to keep you going.
4. Do not hesitate to talk to your friends. No matter who they are, don’t be surprised that things that they say sometimes guide you along.

Finally, I wish all of you happiness, joy, love and peace.
The spirit in me honors the spirit in you.
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