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How it will work- Technology News, FP

While the accuracy of Google Maps has certainly improved over the years, the app still misses out on many old and new roads. Several times, users have reported that some roads are wrongly marked or named on the app. Now, Google has found a solution for this by adding three new ways anyone can update Google Maps. Google says it is updating its map editing feature and will allow users to add new or missing roads, realign if need be, and even rename and delete the incorrect ones.

The feature is rolling out in as many as 80 countries over the coming months.

How to update/edit roads on Google Maps

If a user notices a road missing on Google Maps, they can simply click on the side menu button. Then click on “Edit the Map” option and select “Missing Road”. “Add missing roads by drawing lines, quickly rename roads, change road directionality, and realign or delete incorrect roads,” Google said.

 Google Maps will soon allow users to draw, rename and delete roads: How it will work

Google Maps on Android.

The users can now even let the company know if a road is closed, along with dates, reasons and directions.

However, merely clicking on a few options on the menu button doesn’t add, delete or rename roads, of course. Google says to ensure the suggestions and edits are authentic and accurate, the company will vet and verify them before making the changes available to the public. Google will take about seven days to review your submission.

This is different from the edits Google allowed until now. At present, if a user wants to add a missing road, they can only drop a pin on the path and write the road’s name and submit the information to Google. The fresh tool should also make it easier to fix road’s names or even directions.

Besides this, the company has added another fresh feature – that of “photo updates”. This new feature will allow Google users to share photographs of a place without a full review. The users can add images of a location as also see the recent pictures posted by others.

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