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How Tata Tele Business Services is helping businesses accelerate digital transformation in 2021 and beyond

The year 2020 exposed business leaders to unpredictability. For the first time, leaders and top management across organisations felt vulnerable, as there was no playbook available to manage a crisis as mammoth as this one.

But the pandemic, that radically changed the daily course of lives, has been a great teacher. Businesses and individuals navigated unexplored horizons and adapted outside their comfort zones to survive.

Fast forward to 2021, there still are a lot of questions that keep C-suite leaders up at night – from redefining their strategies, ensuring employees are vaccinated, dealing with changing consumer behaviours, and the list goes on. But what really dominates their thoughts is the question – Is my company on the digital transformation bandwagon?

It is true that events beyond our control can force us to sharpen our ability to lead. Take the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) for example – they were hit the hardest, but they survived this unpredictable curve, thanks to their resiliency and decision to invest in digital transformation.

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), with its connectivity, security, cloud and collaboration offerings, has been enabling businesses to simplify the transition effectively. Their deep understanding of businesses is reflected in the wide array of innovative products they offer to drive digital inclusion.

TTBS focuses on empowering businesses to Do Big

TTBS solutions empower customers to seamlessly move to a remote working environment, facilitating a culture of collaboration for today’s anytime, anywhere, any device workforce. Their strategic focus as a service provider has been on delivering a higher business value to customers rather than offering deeply discounted plain vanilla products and services. One of their key differentiators is a deep understanding of the SMB segment which is reflected in product innovations that have been widely recognized in the industry be it Smartflo, a cloud communication suite, Ultra Lola, an ultra-low latency product aimed at improving efficiency of the broking segment, SIP Channel on Demand for marketing and service and SmartOfficeTM, which is literally an office in a box.

Joyjeet Bose, Senior Vice President – SME Operations, Tata TeleServices, weighs in and says, “We have always been at the forefront of providing solutions to enable the digital transformation of SMBs and enterprises. Today businesses are more comfortable with everything digital and they need partners who can provide them with solutions that make them resilient, future-ready and add to their digital strength. We will continue to play the role of technology enabler to businesses and will further strengthen our portfolio of services especially in the areas of SaaS, IaaS, IOT and Cloud.”

Varun Ramesh, MD, Pothys, talks about how TTBS helped them adopt the right digital practices and technologies and accelerated their digital transformation. “We have always aimed at being a true digital organisation, but the pandemic and the ensuing disruption pushed us to get there faster. TTBS offered us the right solutions and services at the right time, which is what is expected from a true digital partner.”

Sunil Nair, Vice President, IT, Phoenix Mills, vouches for the same and says, “The pandemic and the ensuing disruption required us to go digital fast if we were to survive and thrive. TTBS helped us adopt digital first practices and become a truly digital organization. The spectrum of digital and tailored services on offer helped us accelerate our transformation.”

One-stop shop for all ICT needs of SMBs

TTBS with its large channel network in India and presence in over 60 cities has a progressive approach of partnering with businesses in the capacity of a technology enabler/ subject matter expert that provides them with differentiated ICT solutions.

As a digital enabler, TTBS endeavours to democratise cutting-edge technology solutions for SMBs and empower them to do big. The strategic intent is to provide flexible solutions which allow businesses to expand securely and enable them to improve efficiency in their business-critical operations including:

• Infrastructure investments and reach

• Product portfolio based on customer needs

• Focus across Enterprise and SMB verticals

• Customer centricity

Recently, it partnered with Zoom to offer an intuitive, scalable, and secure communications solution to enterprises and individual customers. This partnership will bring Zoom’s communications platform services such as Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars, among others to enterprises of all sizes, enabling them to collaborate effectively within their teams and partners in India and globally.

Elaborating on the partnership, Vishal Rally, Senior Vice President – Product and Marketing, Tata TeleServices said, “At Tata Tele Business Services, we encourage businesses to have a ‘digital first’ mindset and provide them with solutions that accelerate and improve their customer experience. We are happy to collaborate with Zoom to offer enterprises a seamless and superior unified video communications experience on our state-of-the-art, high-capacity digital connectivity network.”

TTBS also launched a new software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) offering ‘SD-WAN iFLX’ for Indian SMBs in partnership with Fortinet. Through this partnership, the solution offers businesses operational simplicity, application-level prioritisation and visibility, integrated security as well as the much-needed resilience to enhance their customer experience.

Time for India Inc to adopt a digital first mindset

The transition from the industrial age to the digital age promises a more convenient and fulfilling life for everyone globally. But that promise is only as good as the capability of leaders to lead their organisations to success in a challenging and uncertain future.

In a recent interaction with YourStory, Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen, Senior VP & GM, Red Hat’s Asia-Pacific and Japan region, said that digital transformation isn’t just restricted to IT, it’s about people, culture and processes. “People will now have to reinvent themselves. This means that digital transformation needs to happen faster than it ever did before. There is a need to redesign models to sustain and maintain businesses at a time when movement is restricted.”

Growth amidst chaos and disruption

As leaders, it is squarely upon the C-suite to innovate and show the way forward amid transitions, disruptions, chaos and ambiguity. It is a fact that much of the growth and innovation even in the most advanced economies is fueled by the businesses in that country. It is no different in India. Businesses, irrespective of whether they are in metros or otherwise, need to be nimble in adopting digital technologies to stay relevant and future ready. Know more about how TTBS solutions can help you do this seamlessly.

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