How tech businesses are improving the lives of elderly people

You wouldn’t usually associate technology with elderly people but more and more elderly people are turning to technology to help them with their everyday lives and in some situations to save their lives. Today we will be looking at how some of the major advancements in technology for the elderly have led to improving their quality of life.

technology for the elderly

1) Preventing accidents

As your body gets old and your muscles get weaker there is a higher chance that you can have an accident. In fact, elderly people are 60% likely to have an accident at home this year. For the elderly, this can be very dangerous and sometimes deadly.  

A trip or fall can cause breaks, concussions and the complications of these result in deaths. Now unfortunately technology isn’t at a place where it can stop a trip or fall from happening but there are companies out there working on exoskeleton suits that could be the answer to this problem.

As the exoskeleton suits are not ready for the market other companies have taken up the mantle and are producing tech that can help in the result of a trip or fall.

Elderly people may not be able to get up when they have fallen and may not have anyone around that can help them, here is where a fall alarm can help as the elderly person can trigger it and get an emergency contact or often an agent on the phone within seconds who can then sort out emergency services for them.

The reason we love this tech is that when a person falls they can often be disoriented and can’t remember emergency numbers and often can’t get to the phone in the first place. A personal alarm can be worn around the person and at a push of a button, help can be on the way.  

A fall alarm is a life-saving technology for the elderly and it can be worn around your neck or kept in a pocket like a mobile phone.  

2) Preventing crime

Elderly people are victims of crime as they are seen as vulnerable people. As you get older your memory can fade and locking your doors and windows can be a chore that sometimes people can forget to do.

Technology for the elderly is providing the elderly a solution to this and there are home protection systems out there that are able to monitor what doors and windows are open and can even close them for you. These home protection systems can also come with personal alarms which can be triggered so the authorities can be alerted and sent right away.

Once again as mobility is limited, if a burglar is to break into a home at night an elderly person may not be able to make it to the phone in time but with a personal alarm system, they can trigger it quite easily so that help can be sent right away.

Alarm systems can also be used as a deterrent and the most technologically advanced ones can be programmed to mimic people being at home. This is useful if you live at home all alone as you can simulate lights going on at the same time along with someone playing music or watching the TV.

3) Improving day to day life

Thankfully not everything is doom and gloom and older people don’t have to think about falling over and being burgled every second of the day. Instead, technology is being used in ways that can make small improvements to their everyday life.

When people think of the internet they don’t think of elderly people and the disabilities that they have or limiting conditions such as deteriorating eyesight. For elderly people with visual issues, there are companies out there that specialise in screen reading technology which can help them browse the internet.

How difficult would your life be without the internet? For most, the internet is an essential everyday item so not being able to use it would have a significant impact on their lives. Companies that are producing technology to help the elderly use the internet are improving their lives considerably.

Everyday actions such as food shopping or ordering a prescription online is now accessible thanks to the work of these hardworking companies.


Technology can be used in some amazing ways and in this article we have looked at some of the ways in which it is improving the lives of elderly people. We can only expect more life improvements as technology for the elderly advances more in the future.

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