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How technology is changing influencer marketing

The world of social media has transformed business marketing and promotional approaches across the country. This has been possible due to changing technology and easier access. Influencer marketing is now a tool that is widely accepted by startups, SMEs, and top-notch companies, and is proving successful in terms of growth and even sales.

Today, every individual, be it in an urban or rural area, has a smartphone and internet availability, enabling them to produce content without any supervision or investment. Creativity gets one recognition and followers.

Also, when we say that today internet is accessible to everyone, it also implies that the viewers are also constantly available on such platforms, and like, share, and follow the content and the content creator they like.

Businesses want to target this huge pool of internet audience that is available 24×7. Additionally, the dedicated followers of an individual means dedicated viewership, thereby helping brands to grow.

Technical upgrades in various social media apps or the launch of newer social media apps have enabled common people to showcase their talent or create content that gains immense internet traffic and attraction.

Today, there are thousands of individuals who produce content on social media on a daily basis. Of these thousands, some gain immense popularity and followers, turning them into social media celebrities that we call influencers. This has all been possible due to:

AI integrated tools

With the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, businesses can now view information regarding a particular influencer by extracting his/her analytical report including the geographical location, the genuine number of followers, reach etc. The entire influencer campaign can be automatically managed from the start to the finish without any manual intervention.

There are several digital marketing companies that are focusing on Campaign Response Prediction platforms that will allow a well-developed virtual content posting platform to work on its own. Although this is in its very nascent stage, if implemented, it will save on a lot of time and resources.

Social media upgrades

The world of social media is continuously evolving, and social media service providers are continuously innovating to enable higher reach and accessibility of the content that is posted on the platform.

User experience and design are the key components continuously being monitored and upgraded by service providers. Also, with time, the primitive practice of managing influencer campaigns end to end manually is slowly giving way to a more automated and streamlined process.

Data analytics tools

With every individual turning into an influencer, data analytics tools help analyse loopholes in the process and enable access to instant consumer behaviours and perceptions, which is key to the growth of an influencer marketing campaign.

Having a view of the engagement created on a particular platform by a particular influencer helps businesses to choose from among the wide pool and having a deeper look of data sets help the brand grow.

It is important that while running an influencer marketing campaign brands acquire data from a tech-based platform. This enables them to get real-time figures, helping them to secure content and influencers that grow, saving them time and cost. With data analytics tools, brands have begun to realise that influencer marketing campaigns are much more than likes and impressions, and several other tools must be used to monitor the true figures of a campaign.

Influencer management systems

There are well developed systems that help an advertiser connect with the right kind of influencers. These systems contain a huge pool of data about influencers and makes conclusions based on a complex range of data points, which help advertisers gain the best resources for their campaigns. This is done by performing content analysis on any influencer’s post with the application of AI.

Major technical advancements in the field of AI/ML, data analytics, and easy access have led to a boom in the influencer marketing industry. This is a trend that saw major growth in 2020 and is set to grow manifold, with companies beginning to invest more in social media marketing than in other, traditional forms of marketing.

The vast pool of influencers available, their reach, and easy availability of the target audience are among the biggest advantages of this new but revolutionary form of marketing.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai

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