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How this remote management system is offering a way out of the great work dilemma

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay home and work remotely, employers across the world found themselves struggling to deal with the teething troubles that accompanied a hybrid working model.

On the second day of YourStory’s Future of Work 2021 summit, Krunal Patel, Director, Teamviewer, talked about how the company’s remote management systems can help organisations cater to their employees’ IT requirements irrespective of their location and the kind of device they are using.

“It is evident that it’s no longer ‘work from home’, but ‘work from anywhere’. You have employees working from mobile phones, laptops, from home and even in staycations, which makes the future of work very pleasant [sic],” said Krunal.

Teamviewer was launched in 2005 with the vision of ‘people helping people’. The company has been designing products and solutions which improve connectivity. It has over 250 billion installations, across more than 40 countries. “The core principle of Teamviewer’s designs is to ensure that they are universal in nature and work with multiple operating systems and devices. It started as an IT support company, it has a variety of use cases across different departments,” he added.

The great work dilemma

Krunal said that several professionals are reeling under the ‘great work dilemma’. It comprises four parameters:

  • Continuity: Companies today are trying to figure out how they can continue operations in a way that they are least affected by whatever external or internal challenges they face.
  • Compliance: This includes regulatory, security and health compliances.
  • Competition: Krunal said that competition was directly related to productivity. “If my organisation’s employees and processes are efficient and productive, I can stay ahead of competition.”
  • Cost: It’s a factor taken into consideration in all decisions that are made in an organisation.

The solution? A remote management system

Apart from allowing employees to work from anywhere, organisations should also be flexible in offering support to them wherever they need it. “It has been seen that if employees don’t get support on their device in real-time, we tend to lose productivity, which in turn raises cost of operations and sometimes also leads to compliance breaches,” explained Krunal.

Highlighting Teamviewer’s solutions to enable people to work from anywhere, Krunal said that the ideal solution should be flexible enough to suit the needs of those working from remote locations. “The Teamviewer Remote Management Suite is a collection of web services and product offerings that are completely remotely operable and offer proactive IT and device management. Also, the suite integrates with your core solutions and gives you a one-dashboard view of the entire organisation,” Krunal added.

He went on to explain how being proactive and remotely available to employees on their devices makes them more productive. “In the past, we have seen that employees who are supported in the way they want and on the device they want it, experienced higher employee satisfaction, than being asked to wait in the IT corridor.” The last parameter of the dilemma is cost, wherein organisations have to find a cost-effective solution which is available in an integrated manner, he said.

What makes it stand out

Teamviewer remote management solutions comprise several features and solutions, according to Krunal.

Monitoring: The Teamviewer remote management system ensures fast reaction time, lesser downtime and helps organisations save money with device monitoring and thereby improving device output and employee performance. Another aspect of monitoring is network monitoring. It fine-tunes network devices and fixes them proactively in case of an alert.

Asset management: This feature of the system helps organisations keep track of who’s connecting to their network. It gives you a dashboard that tracks hardware and software of the devices which are connected to the dashboard.

Patch Management: Its an internet-based patch management tool for all endpoints across the network. For remote devices, you can spot the vulnerabilities and apply patches. It can also be automated.

Web monitoring: Given how often customers use websites to interact with organisations, it is important that these portals are maintained. The remote management tool can help you monitor the load and transactions.

Endpoint protection: This feature is Teamviewer’s solution for tackling endpoint vulnerabilities. The software offers a state-of-the-art proactive assessment of vulnerabilities. It also features a cloud solution for vulnerabilities at endpoints. Consider a scenario where an endpoint is broken. Will you be able to retrieve the data from all the files and folders that are found locally? Maybe not. The Teamviewer management solution offers you a low-cost and flexible tool for backup regime for files and folders of endpoints.

“The remote management tool is a suite of modular solutions that can be bought either together or one at a time depending on your organisational requirement, set up, IT design and employee support requirement, among other factors,” said Krunal. Once Teamviewer is installed on a device, the remote management device can be deployed with just a few clicks.

“The Teamviewer remote management system adopts a holistic approach to support employees, irrespective of where they are working from. One might be working with an Android device or from a hill station, Teamviewer can offer support whenever they want it from our central console,” he said.

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