How to Find and Hire Top Talent

Being a manager at a big company has a lot of stress attached to it. One of the biggest and most important tasks you will face is hiring the most talented personnel you can find. When trying to find and hire the best possible people for open positions at your workplace, there are several things to consider. 


The first thing that any employer will look at when finding new talent to hire is how qualified every applicant is for the position. Even though this may sound like a juvenile thing to think about, different factors can cloud your line of thinking when looking to hire someone. For example, you can be unconsciously biased towards a candidate because they graduated from the same college as you. 

You can’t let these sorts of unrelated factors influence your decisions. Look at each resume for what it is. If an applicant graduates with a degree from an Ivy League school, they will most likely have more talent than people graduating with degrees from other schools. 


The interview process is where you will find and narrow down the talent from a personality perspective. You have to think of talent in terms of what the job entails. For example, if a very hardworking, dedicated introvert is applying for a sales job, he may have a lot of talent, but not for the field he is applying for. 

The interview process is also where you can see any flaws or signs that things don’t line up with each applicant’s resumes. For example, if you feel that someone who graduated from an ivy league school isn’t as fit for the position as someone who graduated from a more local state school, don’t hesitate to hire the applicant from the state school. The interview process is where you find those people that stick out for exactly what you are looking for. 

Attitude Away From the Workplace 

Nobody cares how good you are at your job if you are an idiot as soon as you leave the building. You want to avoid the people with a lot of talent and success in the workplace but act like animals who just got freed from a cage as soon as they leave. These types of people can contact you and your company, into a lot of trouble for what they do outside of the workplace. 

Check Social Media

A great place to look when hiring any applicant is social media. If you are interested in an applicant, do not hesitate to check all of their social media platforms. This will give you an idea of what their behavior is like outside of the workplace. If their behavior is something you wouldn’t approve of, do not hesitate to eliminate them from potentially earning that position. 

To eliminate some of the stress associated with finding the most talented employees possible, you can download ATS software to help organize all of your applicants, their skills, and who you think might be the best fit and most talented job.

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