How to Get More Medicare Leads With 5 Easy Tips

There are over 60 million Medicare beneficiaries in the United States. If you sell supplemental insurance to help beneficiaries fill gaps in their plans, you need to find a way to reach them.

Cultivating medicare leads is no easy process. However, using a few key tips you can get medicare leads and increase your sales. 

Learn some more modern methods of generating medicare supplement leads by using this informative guide.

1. Build a Simple Website

Your target market is 65 years and older but that doesn’t mean that they don’t use the internet. The older generations are getting more tech-savvy by the day in our internet-dependent world.

Your website serves as your platform to base your operation. That said, you need to make the interface very simple so it doesn’t confuse potential customers.

2. Use Social Media to Find Medicare Leads

Your website may serve as the foundation for your lead generation, but social media serves as your method of outreach.

Develop some well-designed content that caters to the interest of the 65 and older crowd. Then publish your content on some popular social media platforms to increase your presence. 

You may also want to create a blog for your website and link back to it in your content to steer your customers in the right direction.

3. Hire a Digital Media Specialist

Anyone can build a simple website and expand their social media presence. However, only a digital media specialist can get you the best Medicare supplement leads.

They can give you access to things such as a medicare leads list and lead tracking technology to increase the number of leads you develop. 

4. Don’t Neglect Print Advertising

Print advertising may seem like a thing of the past, but seniors are one of the easiest groups to target with it.

Many seniors enjoy using the internet, but a vast majority still read traditional print media such as magazines and newspapers. 

Whether you are trying to develop medicare advantage leads or medicare supplemental leads, try using some traditional print advertising to reach the 65 and older group.

5. Try Direct Contact

Seniors are one of the few demographics that are still reachable through traditional methods of marketing such as direct contact.

Things such as telemarketing and direct mailing campaigns can be excellent options to generate some leads. The best medicare leads are the ones you generate yourself through hard work and persistence.

Cold calling may seem tough but it is one of the most tried and true methods to develop fresh new leads that no one else has accessed.

Make sure to use real people and not recordings to ensure that your agents aren’t viewed as another scam call. Always have them refer potential clients back to your website so you can prove you are legitimate.

Never Give Up

Generating medicare leads can seem tough and tedious. However, if you implement the 5 tips in this article into your lead generation process you will be far more successful.

A little bit of persistence and hard work goes a long way in lead generation. If you are having a tough time generating leads, try using these tips today. Then make sure to check our website from time to time for other valuable content.

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