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How To Make The Most Out Of Instagram Marketing

Instagram has gone from being a social media app for personal use to a platform where brands can connect with potential consumers. This global platform gives companies a chance to be relatable to their audience, recruit people, showcase their products and start a conversation.

That is why it is one of the most popular social media platforms. Every month, over 130 million users on the app engage with online shopping ads, giving brands a reliable way to promote their products and services in a friendly manner without hard-selling tactics. 

One of the advantages of marketing on Instagram is that it is a very visual platform. If you sell products with eye-catching designs or services guaranteed to give you noticeable results, then Instagram is the sure way to go. 

Following a simple graphic design tutorial can help you create attractive ads that boost engagement and get you more buyers. Let’s explore the many ways you can make the most out of Instagram marketing. 

Types of Instagram ads 

There are several types of Instagram ads businesses can choose from, such as:

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Stories ads
  • Collection ads
  • Explore ads
  • IGTV ads
  • Instagram Shopping ads
  • Carousel ads

They all have call-to-action buttons, and you can choose according to what seems most relevant to your brand. You can also use multiple types of Instagram ads so that your audience has more ways to engage with you.

Of course, the way you design your ad is extremely important, which is why learning from an online graphic design tutorial can be beneficial in creating impressive ads that will intrigue your audience. 

Instagram hashtag strategies

Hashtags are a business’s best friend on social media. If you use them correctly, you can create a seamless post that also promotes your company at a grand scale. Here are some strategies to consider using when designing your Instagram marketing plan.

Placement and number of hashtags

Contrary to popular belief, just adding hashtags is not enough to boost engagement. A study recently conducted by SocialInsider observed 649,895 Instagram posts by 6,700 accounts to understand how the placement and number of hashtags affect performance.

They found that posts that had either seven or thirty hashtags in the caption performed the best. It is important to understand here that the visibility, placement, and quantity of hashtags are crucial in determining your performance. For example:

  • If you have less than 5000 followers, six hashtags hidden within the caption are optimal
  • If you have between 5000-10,000 followers, five hashtags placed within the first comment will boost engagement
  • If you have between 10,000-50,000 followers, then the best strategy is to place two hashtags hidden within the caption
  • If you have between 50,000-100,000 followers, then placing eight hashtags hidden within the caption is the way to go
  • If you have over 100,000 followers, then placing six hashtags within the first comment will prove to be optimal

Hiding hashtags within your caption

If it is deemed that hiding your hashtags within your caption is best for you, according to the earlier study, then there are certain ways to go about it seamlessly.

A limited amount of words shows in your caption on the feed, while the rest is only visible after the viewer clicks ‘show more.’ It would be best to have your hashtags show after the ‘show more’ tab. However, you may be wondering: does that mean I have to write long and dreary captions? Nope, that is not the case. 

The best way to go about it is by adding line breaks. It is slightly tricky because, on Instagram, the line breaks are automatically wiped out from the text directly inputted in the caption editor. There is, however, an easy solution to this. All you have to do is type the caption in a different app, like notes and then copy and paste it to Instagram. 

Using a period makes it seem less conspicuous, but you could use other characters such as asterisks. You then add a line break, a character, another line break, and so on till you have no less than five lines. You can then add the hashtags after and copy-paste them to the Instagram caption editor.

Using relevant popular hashtags

It is important to research which hashtags brands and influencers related to your industry are using. People who want to view such content will be using those hashtags to search for relevant posts, and you want to make sure they view your content. 

Using the right hashtags that are popular will ensure that your content is your targeted audience. Once you type in your hashtag in the editor on Instagram, a drop-down menu will appear, showing you the number of posts existing with that hashtag. Different generator tools and hashtag finders can also help you find relevant hashtags to promote your content. 

Vary your hashtags

Ensuring that your hashtags are varied is essential because that allows you to reach diverse audiences on a bigger scale. For example, one person may search #hairstyles while another searches for #haircuts. Thus, it would be best to use all variations of relevant hashtags in your posts to get more engagement.

It might also be a good idea to use a few local hashtags. Check out what others in your locale are doing, and let them inspire you to use your brand and location in your hashtag strategy. Try adding your city or nicknames for your area to the hashtag to see if it’s getting any traction, for example, #HaircutsAtlanta. 


Instagram marketing is a relatively new concept because of which trends are constantly changing. However, by implementing these strategies, you will be sure to boost engagement.

Now that you know what strategies to implement while posting ads, you should also consider how you will make them! PosterMyWall offers a great and informative graphic design tutorial so that you can learn how to create innovative designs using our tools. It’s quick and straightforward.

Keep in mind that Instagram users like inspirational and exciting content. Use the right type of ads and hashtag strategies with a well-designed post to become an Instagram marketing pro in no time.

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