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How to overcome procrastination

This post is based on episode 167 of the ProBlogger podcast.

This week I want to talk about procrastination, and how to overcome it.

We all have the potential to achieve amazing things – not only with our blogging, but also with other aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, we often put off doing the things we should be doing until the last minute.

And sometimes we put it off for so long that we never get the chance to do it ever again.

Young offender

When I was about five years old, my mum would give me 20 cents every Friday morning for pocket money. Every Friday at 8:30 (when I left for school) she’d hand over that elusive 20-cent coin. But to earn it I had to clean my room and do some other chores during the week. And if I didn’t have everything done by 8:30 a.m. I didn’t get the money. It was as simple as that.

So did I manage to keep my room clean all week? Of course not. And so at 8:25 a.m. every Friday morning I’d be manically cleaning my room, desperate to get it done before the 8:30 deadline.

And that’s when she started saying something that still resonates with me: “Your life will be better if you take action on the things you avoid.”

It’s a quote I heard a lot during my school years. I left everything until the last minute – homework, essays, studying for exams, even getting to work at my first job. I was definitely a procrastinator. And while I rarely missed any of these ‘deadlines’, there was always a mad scramble at the end.

Deadlines – real and imaginary

We all have deadlines we need to meet. And for a lot of people, those deadlines are the only way things get done. It’s how I pay my taxes. It’s how I get my keynote presentation written for an upcoming

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