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How to Set Up Ad Scheduling RIGHT (+ the Finer Details You Need to Know) –

If you’re a small business in a large digital advertising space, then you know there’s one constant mantra in making your PPC work: Every. Penny. Counts! That’s right, if you want to thrive in PPC advertising, you need to stretch that budget of yours as far as you can.

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So, as a PPC consultant, it’s no surprise that my clients are always looking for tips, tricks, or tools to help them save money—some of which become a gold mine for them.

Well, we have had one of those tools hiding right under our noses for a while, and it’s called ad scheduling (formerly known as dayparting). It’s a simple concept, but implementing it can get hairy. There are fine details that you need to know to prevent any costly mistakes.

So in this post, I’m going to uncover the money-saving magic, as well as the finer details—of ad scheduling. We’ll talk about:

>What ad scheduling is and how it saves you money.How to set up ad scheduling in Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.The perks, drawbacks, and important details you need to know for best results.

All of the above with plenty of pro tips sprinkled in. So let’s get started.

What is ad scheduling?

By default, all ad campaigns across platforms are due to run 24/7. Ad scheduling is the practice of limiting your campaigns to run only on certain days of the week and hours of the day. This way, you can ensure your ads are only showing during specific days/times that you know you’ll get the highest return on ad spend.


Ad scheduling saves you money by only showing your ads on the days and times they best perform.


For example, I can look at my data to identify that Mondays between 9am-5pm is my best converting time. But on the opposite end, I spend on clicks on Sundays at 3am that are not converting. Therefore, I may want to adjust my ads to only run on weekdays from 9am-5pm, and not on weekends when I know this will be wasted spend.

The perks of ad scheduling in Google Ads

Ad scheduling in Google Ads is assigned at the campaign level for any campaign type. This even includes Smart campaigns, which is a huge advantage. Why? Because while Smart campaigns do the heavy lifting for you, you’re not able to control much since they run on their own via Google’s algorithm. With ad scheduling, you can still regain at least some control over the campaign’s behavior.


Google ad scheduling can apply to any campaign type, including Smart campaigns.


Additionally, being able to set this solely at the campaign level regardless of campaign type will help unify your ad groups and make things easier to

By: Susie Marino
Title: How to Set Up Ad Scheduling RIGHT (+ the Finer Details You Need to Know)
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