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How to Stay Fit When You Work Long Hours

Have you ever wondered how you’ll manage to get and stay fit while you work full time and have a full home life? When you don’t have time to exercise due to a busy schedule, staying in shape or losing weight can seem to be the impossible dream. 

In order to get and stay in shape when you work long hours, you’ll just have to carve out a few small pieces of time every week and make fitness a priority, many times at the expense of something more relaxing.

Find What You Love

If exercise is something that you dread, finding the time to actually do it will be more impossible. 

Find something you love and finding time for it will be so much easier. Some people get more motivation from other people, so group exercise classes might be better for them. Others might love some alone time, so quiet walks around the block might be a better solution. Then, there are activities such as lifting weights and competing against themselves to break previous records. The point is to find what you love, and everything will be that much easier and more fun.

Your Routine

Let’s be real for a minute. You can get a good workout in, and it only takes a few minutes. What better way to relax and decompress than to find a few minutes during the day or at the end of your day to exercise. Even if you just do a few crunches or burpees, get up and move. 


Two of the easiest times to get a workout in are early in the mornings before work and late in the evenings after work. If you can get your workout in during the early morning, it’s a fantastic way to get the day started and you’ll have more energy than what you can get from a cup of coffee.

Ending the day with a workout can help you get rid of the stresses of the day so you can get a good night’s sleep. You need between 7 and 9 hours each night to stay healthy. Trying to lose weight or get in shape while not getting enough sleep can be an uphill battle because you’ll be tired all day long.


Let’s talk about caffeine vs water. There isn’t anything wrong with having a cup of coffee in the morning and maybe another one for a pick me up during those long afternoon hours. However, cup after cup of coffee all day long probably isn’t helping as much as you might think it is.

The thing is, having too much caffeine can make you sleep worse at night. On the other hand, water does more for your energy levels and rehydrates you better than any other liquid can. Not drinking enough can make you dehydrated, which is yet another cause of fatigue. Also, if you load your coffee with things like sugar, milk, or creamer, you’re adding unnecessary calories to your diet.

There are quite a few ways to get fit. Find your own path to fitness by doing a bit of experimenting and finding out what workouts work best for you as well as what types of exercise are the most comfortable.

It doesn’t matter if you love the gym or if you prefer to get your workouts in at home, there isn’t a wrong way to go about getting into shape. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to have goals and if you’re having a tough time, try something different to make sure you enjoy your journey to fitness.

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