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How to Write an Unforgettable Company Jingle

The human brain can store up to 2.5 petabytes worth of memory. In terms of digital storage, that’s enough space to hold hundreds of years worth of constantly-playing TV shows. 

So, why is it hard to remember what you ate for breakfast last week but it’s easy to remember a nursery rhyme from childhood? You can thank music for that. 

That’s also the magic behind a company jingle. The question is, how can you write a jingle that’s memorable?

Luckily, there’s a few key elements you can use to create a catchy advertising jingle that your customers will remember.  

Keep It Short

When it comes to memorable music for commercials, shorter is better. Try to keep your jingle less than 30 seconds long. Anything longer than that and your customer might get overwhelmed by the melody or the lyrics. 

You should aim for a short, digestible sound bite that’s simple enough for a kid to repeat. Try to focus on one line of lyrics that features your business name, phone number, or your company message.

A short jingle will also be easier to work with when you add it to TV or radio commercials since it will only play at the beginning and end. If it’s too long, it can run into your valuable commercial time slot. 

Focus On the Hook

In music, a hook is a short phrase or riff that’s meant to grab the listener’s attention. This is a key part in creating an unforgettable jingle.

When you’re writing a musical hook for your business jingle, start with an interval. This is the space between notes in a musical scale. Some intervals sound hopeful while others sound more nostalgic or serious. 

Since the hook should be the most memorable part of the jingle, try to pick notes that reflect the tone of your business.

The lyrics in the hook should also focus on your business’s name or what you do. You can also write lyrics that rhyme or use alliteration to make your jingle unforgettable. 

Appeal to Emotion 

All memorable songs evoke some type of emotion, whether it’s sadness, nostalgia, or love. Plus, songs that have an emotional connection are often much easier for people to remember.  

Think about your business and the message you want to send. Do you want your customers to feel safe, calm, or excited? Your goal should help you decide which instruments to use and which musical key to write in (major or minor). 

If you’re advertising a bakery, you want your customers to feel excited and cheerful when they hear your jingle. You might opt for a lighthearted instrument like a piano or a xylophone with a song in a major key. 

If you’re advertising a funeral home, you want your customers to feel safe and soothed. You might try a melody in a major key played on the violin. 

Write a Memorable Company Jingle Today

If you want your customers to remember your company jingle, it should be short, have a catchy hook, and appeal to their emotions. When it comes to the lyrics and melody, try to keep it simple enough for a child to remember. 

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