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HPE Digital Catalyst Program is back to collaborate and co-innovate with India’s brightest tech startups

India’s journey towards becoming a digital-first nation is incomplete without the technology startup ecosystem – one that pushes the nation forward with the help of new-age technologies and innovations. Witnessing a significant growth trajectory on the back of rapid digitalisation and tech adoption, India is the third largest startup ecosystem in the world.

But there is a new generation of startups catching investor attention and global eyes – enterprise tech startups. Today, Indian SaaS companies contribute 1 percent of the overall global share, and this number is expected to reach 4-5 percent in the next few years. India’s agile B2B startups can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with large global enterprise companies if they get the right support, at the right time.

Keeping these trends in mind, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) created the HPE Digital Catalyst Program to work with the best and brightest enterprise tech startups from India with the belief that combination of nimble innovation from startups with the time tested performance and reliability of HPE can deliver solutions to meet the digitization needs of enterprise customers. This year, the team is back with the third edition of their annual HPE Digital Catalyst Program,

About HPE Digital Catalyst Program

HPE Digital Catalyst Program is HPE’s initiative to engage with this vibrant startup ecosystem in India. The objective of the program is to identify, co-innovate and go to market with the next generation of digital disruptors emerging from the Indian startup ecosystem.

Over the past two years, HPE has worked with 14 startups over 2 cohorts. Applications are now open for Cohort 3 of the program.

Why should you apply?

Startups selected for the program will get an array of offerings from HPE including access to:

1. Business mentors – Successful entrepreneurs from within HPE and outside will share their lessons and insights as they guide you to scale.

2. Technology mentors – HPE tech teams will guide the startups on their tech architecture, design for scale, security, and more.

3. Rapid prototyping – HPE teams will work with startups jointly to build rapid prototypes using HPE infrastructure.

4. Go-to-market support – HPE sales teams will take the startup solutions to the market.

5. Onboarding as partner – Select startups can get the chance to become HPE’s partner for a joint go-to-market at scale.

6. Investor networks – Startups will have an opportunity to pitch to HPE Pathfinder, HPE’s Corporate Venture Capital arm and also connect with other investors in the ecosystem.

Who should apply?

The program is looking for B2B startup entrepreneurs focusing on deep tech solutions in the areas of:

1. Artificial Intelligence: Data integration management, prep and stream, ML management and ops, applied AI – NLP, CV, fintech, etc.

2. DevSecOps: Low/No code, API management, container management, automation, serverless, etc.

3. Cybersecurity: Identity and access management, micro-segmentation, network visibility, device discovery, behaviour, auto-response, etc.

4. Intelligent Edge: Edge processing, IoT/OT platforms, 5G ecosystem, function-specific silicon, etc.

Applications are now open. To apply,

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