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Implementing a Plan: 5 Key Tips for Achieving Your Sales Goals

Hurry, grab the nearest paper and pen. 

It’s time to sit down and write out your sales goals. We know you may be feeling defeated or confused about your goals, but don’t worry about that just yet. 

Writing your goals is the first step to achieving them. Be highly specific when writing your goals, and be genuine about what you wish to achieve. 

Now, you’ll need help in implementing a plan to meet these goals. That’s where our help comes in. Below are 5 tips for reaching your sales goals. 

1. Mentally Imagine Meeting Your Goals

You’ll need to be in the right mental place when working towards hitting your sales targets. 

Read your goals out loud, and then read them again. As you read them, take time to close your eyes and visualize what it would be like to reach these goals. 

Imagine the smile on your face, the money in your bank account, and the high-five from your boss. Are people cheering for you? Are you treating yourself to a celebratory glass of champagne?

2. Develop Guided Action

Many of us miss our sales goals because we create the goals but don’t decide on the guided action we need to take to reach them. 

Write down action steps you can take each day to get closer to your goals. Decide you’ll make at least 10 extra cold calls per day. Tell yourself you’re going to invest in a business coach

3. Invest in Marketing

How are people going to know about the product you’re selling if you don’t tell them? Invest in marketing strategies.

Create email lists to send past customers, or buy ads for platforms such as Facebook. Use eye-catching graphics and colors to grab someone’s attention. 

If you aren’t sure how to create marketing materials, invest in a trusted marketing company, such as Ballantine

4. Seek Encouragement

Failures will happen, but that doesn’t mean success won’t! Seek encouragement from the team around you. 

Share success stories, exciting tips, and a few good laughs. It’s hard to meet goals when you’re in a mental funk. 

5. Pivot If Needed

Many times, we aren’t met with a dead end. We just need to pivot and try a new road. 

If an action you’ve decided on doesn’t seem to be working, think of new actions to meet your sales goals. Take a step back and widen your perspective to find new ideas. 

Sit down with a friend with plenty of sales experience. Ask how they’ve dealt with situations similar to yours. 

Implementing a Plan, Reaching Your Goals

Implementing a plan to meet your sales goals is tough, but we’ve provided some tips above. Start by writing out your goals and make sure they’re attainable.

Visualize meeting your goals to get in the right headspace, and seek encouragement if you start feeling down on yourself. Create actionable steps to take each day. Pivot if you don’t seem to be going anywhere. 

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