You are currently viewing India’s largest startup-tech conference is now scheduled for Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai

India’s largest startup-tech conference is now scheduled for Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai

It’s easy to see why TechSparks has grown to become India’s largest, most influential, and highly-anticipated startup-tech conference.

Over its 15-year run. YourStory’s flagship event has been instrumental in shaping the narrative of India’s technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship ecosystem. It has been credited for having fostered the growth of some of the most recognised Made in India brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs. It has also helped startups raise more than $2 billion in funding, build over a million connections, and enabled the creation of over half a million jobs.

“Every year we challenge ourselves to make TechSparks bigger, better, and more impactful for the builders of new India. This year, by expanding to three cities across India, we’ll be able to be more inclusive, bring on board many more international and Indian ecosystem leaders, and create impact at a scale like never before,” says Shradha Sharma of YourStory.

TechSparks 2023 aims to deliver all this and more — in an immersive in-person experience that will be bigger, better, and bolder — and now across three cities, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Decoding The Great Indian Tech-ade

India is on the brink of an economic transformation. A time when path-breaking technologies, favourable policies, and a demographic advantage will propel the country towards unparalleled progress and global eminence. TechSparks 2023 will decode this journey, capturing the spirit of ingenuity, determination, and collaboration that will characterise the Great Indian Tech-ade.

At the heart of TechSparks, 2023 lies an extraordinary confluence of brilliant minds drawn from startups, corporates, government, and the investor community. Here, the vanguards of tomorrow will engage in thought-provoking dialogues, exchange ideas, and forge powerful connections that will catalyse change and fuel India’s transformation.

TechSparks 2023 will also provide a formidable stage for India’s most promising startups and innovators, offering them an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their breakthroughs, attract investment, and forge invaluable partnerships. Moreover, attendees will benefit from an abundance of networking prospects, opening doors to new collaborations, synergies, and lasting relationships.

Ahead-of-the-curve agenda

Through the most prolific speakers, captivating conversations, immersive workshops, and much more, TechSparks 2023 will unveil the emerging trends and opportunities that will truly redefine India as an economic superpower.

Across the three cities TechSparks will bring together the key stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem for agenda-setting discussions that will inspire future entrepreneurs, catalyse conversations, forge connections, and empower the next generation of changemakers.

The events will be a treasure trove of knowledge, inspiration, and actionable insights through hot and current topics including the what, why and how of frontier tech, leadership conversations around growth, profitability and resilience, the India landscape and the techade, and ways in which foundational tech will evolve, among many others.

A capital line-up for India’s capital cities

With a lineup of keynote speakers and panellists from some of the most successful and innovative companies in the tech industry, government leaders, policymakers, business heads, creators, and artists, TechSparks Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai editions will be perfect platform to bring the spotlight on the emerging convergence of technology and entrepreneurship in solving some of our country’s most pressing challenges.

TechSparks, Bengaluru: September 21-23, 2023

India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru’ is the nation’s leading software exporter as well as India’s leading startup ecosystem and major semiconductor hub. Building from the city’s 13 hugely successful TechSparks editions, TechSparks Bengaluru will deep dive into powering India’s digital transformation in the heart of tech.

TechSparks, Delhi: First week of December 2023

As India’s capital, Delhi houses the country’s powerful central government and political leadership and is also the second-largest startup ecosystem in India. The spectacular premier edition of TechSparks Delhi will focus on driving India’s supremacy through the intersection of policy and tech.

TechSparks, Mumbai: First week of March, 2024

India’s financial capital is home to nearly a third of the country’s unicorns and is a major startup hub buoyed by innovation-friendly policies and a favourable investor base. It’s fitting therefore, that TechSparks Mumbai gets to spotlight the city’s role in transforming India’s economy at the cusp of finance, business, and technology.

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Spotlighting Made in India

TechSparks will provide a platform to celebrate Made in India startups, ideas, innovations, and brands that will power a self-reliant nation. The event will also spotlight trends, innovations, and emerging opportunities from key growth sectors, including digital transformation, edtech, fintech, agritech, healthtech, AI, ML, and SaaS.

Building global synergies

Techsparks 2023 will also feature specially curated international sessions from country partners across the world. These tracks will highlight the innovation ecosystem in these countries while also providing insights and collaboration opportunities for Indian startups looking to scale across geographies.

Join the club of the frontrunners of the Great Indian Tech-ade and join us at TechSparks 2023, where the story of India’s next decade unfolds. Witness firsthand the unfolding of a new chapter in India’s history as the nation begins its ascent to the zenith of technological innovation and economic prowess. This is your opportunity to be part of the movement that will catapult India into a bold new era of tech-driven growth, global leadership, and boundless potential.

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