You are currently viewing India’s software products export revenues can hit $100B by 2030: NASSCOM

India’s software products export revenues can hit $100B by 2030: NASSCOM

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The strides made by the Indian startup ecosystem over the years have led to the emergence of a strong set of software product companies whose momentum has started to pick up the pace. Currently, the segment is dominated by software as a service (SaaS) startups, and the next step in this evolution will be the growth of deep tech companies.


NASSCOM, the leading trade body representing India’s technology industry, has been nurturing software product companies over the years and expects the export revenue from this segment to touch $30 billion by 2025.

“If we are getting brave, then it should be closer to $100 billion by the end of the decade,” 

 NASSCOM Product Council Chairperson Ramkumar Narayanan tells YourStory in an interview, 


Ramkumar is optimistic about the growth of India’s startup ecosystem, particularly after the way businesses handled the COVID-19 pandemic. 


“We believe the next 10 years are going to be a phenomenal growth vector for this ecosystem,” he adds. Read more

The Interview

Over the past couple of decades, AU Small Finance Bank has positioned itself as a bank for underserved and unserved low- and middle-class individuals. Hear Mayank Markanday, the head of Credit Cards Business at AU Small Finance Bank, delving deeper into the context of its recently introduced credit card promised to every applicant.

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Startup Spotlight

Introducing investors to bonds market

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Entrepreneurship is not a straight line with a 20-degree slope, it is a sinusoidal curve. So, build emotional and mental resilience. 

– Phalgun Kompalli, upGrad

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