You are currently viewing Instagram might soon allow users to watch Reels on desktop browser: Report- Technology News, FP

Instagram might soon allow users to watch Reels on desktop browser: Report- Technology News, FP

Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature or update to bring its TikTok-inspired Reels short videos feature to the web version. Currently, Instagram Reels can only be accessed via the regular Instagram (for Android and iOS) and Instagram Lite apps. The popular image and video sharing service is planning to add support for viewing Reels on a desktop browser. This new feature will show a dedicated icon that looks like the same on the app, which is located between the Explore icon and the Notifications icon.

Instagram. Image: Instagram

According to a tipster, Instagram is also working on the ‘Text-to-speech’ feature for Reels. Instagram. Image: Instagram

Developer and tipster Alessandro Paluzzi first reported about the feature, saying “Instagram is working to allow access to the Reels feed on the desktop website”. As per the tweet, Reels on the Instagram web will be easily accessible through a new button or click that would feature with the existing direct messaging (DM), Explore and Activity button (which appears at the top right corner) on the screen.

He further tweeted that the page is not available for now. So far, any information on it remains unclear, because Instagram may only add the feature while users would still have to wait for a few weeks to upload files.

Further in his tweets, Paluzzi informs that the social media giant is also working on the ‘Text-to-speech’ feature for Reels. Reports suggest that this special feature might introduce live captioning on Instagram Reels that recently landed to users’ stories.

#Instagram keeps working on the Text-to-Speech feature 👀

Not to forget, the app recently introduced the Instagram Insight for Reels and Live option to help businesses and influencers access data about their reach. As per a blog post, this will give creators a chance to make a fortune by just uploading short entertaining videos for their followers.

With this new feature, Reels users can easily access data on Plays (views), Accounts Reached, Peak Concurrent Viewers, Comments, and Shares. Meanwhile, users can access Account Insights by going to Profile > hamburger icon > Insights.

However, for live videos, the insights page will not just show the number of comments and shares but also the number of accounts they reach.

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