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Investcorp to allocate $400M towards Indian school infrastructure, warehouses

Bahrain-based investment firm Investcorp’s Co-CEO, Rishi Kapoor, has said that the firm is looking to deploy a further $400 million in India, with a focus on school infrastructure and warehousing, due to recent economic trends. Investcorp’s previous $500 million investment in India has been spread across 13 companies including FreshToHome and ASG Eye Hospitals.

Speaking to Reuters at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Kapoor said that he believes education is the one expenditure that will not be cut despite any economic downturn in India.

“We have created a new investment thesis around investing in school, education infrastructure,” he said.

“The middle-income Indian parent will tighten their belt in every area other than education for their kids. So that underlying space is very attractive.”

Kapoor also said that he believes the ecommerce boom in India has led to infrastructure opportunities in the supply chain, including warehousing. He added that they will also look at other areas that are seeing growth such as clean energy and cleantech.

“It’s actually a good time to deploy capital, we are looking at a few opportunities now,” Kapoor said, contradicting the current bear market sentiment.

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